How to drive stepping motor?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-25
There are two ways to drive hybrid stepping motors. The simplest way is through the switch (FET, driver IC)Connect DC to each winding in turn. In this case, use 4. 5% determined from current and resistance. 8V (5 V-Switching Loss). This is good at low speed and medium speed. If you need the best performance, you will find that the inductance of the motor will attenuate short pulses, so running the motor faster will reduce its torque. You can overcome this problem with a more complex stepper drive with the recommended 12- 24V provides pulses to maintain current and torque at higher speeds. Each pulse will be maintained at high voltage long enough to establish the rated current, and then for the rest of the slow pulses or steady state, its voltage should be reduced to 4. 8V safety level. This voltage reduction can be timed or by monitoring and limiting the drive current. Therefore, both rated voltages are correct: 4. 8V continuous voltage and 12-24V (Optional)To improve high speed performance. TAG
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