How to correctly choose the Siemens motor with frequency converter?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-08
Types of commonly used Siemens frequency converter has the following: 6 se6440, 430, 420, three. Usually, in the choice between these three is to have cultured. The following, seibel list for everyone: 1, 380 - 480 vac power supply, and do not contain filter products, belonging to the Siemens 440 series inverter often supplies. As long as the 440 series to find the corresponding models. 2, part of the power to use oil products imported and domestic production of two kinds, the price of domestic product compared with the pure imported products cheaper. 3, inverter model corresponding to the power, means yes is a torque output power. 4, general standard of choose and buy the Siemens inverter, excluding the control panel. The control panel requires a separate order. The control panel including Chinese and English. English control panel is a little cheaper than Chinese. As we mentioned above, the domestic standard motor commonly used Siemens 440 series 380 v voltage frequency converter. Then, specific how to choose suitable for 440 series inverter? 440 power range: 0. 37 - 255千瓦。 Among them, 0. 12 kw - 200千瓦( CT constant torque) ; 0. 12 kw - 250千瓦( N variable torque) 。 In general: motor, power match how much frequency converter, according to 1:1 original to go with. If it is a relatively far distance, heavy load and converter inverter power than the motor power of freshman year to two levels. If one inverter with more motor, frequency converter selection level greater than the motor power, and not with the sum of the motor power. The choose and buy inverter general to consider the following parameters: 1, power more high power motor choose high power inverter. But for special occasions, such as high temperature, high altitude, at this point would cause reduced capacity of the inverter, the inverter easy to zoom in first gear. 2, current rated current of the inverter can be larger than the maximum current of motor operation, generally have logo nameplate. 3, generally low voltage power supply voltage frequency converter with single - 220 240 v, three-phase 380 - 480 v power supply, etc. , the specific selection, rated according to the actual needs. 4, most of the load inertia in some occasion such as ventilation pipe, to stop in time and no requirement of motor, and some transmission with demands to stop in time, so it can be a reference frequency converter of choose and buy. A Siemens inverter, is to control motors. This application, we often referred to as the & other; Yituo many & throughout; 。 Run for many years and rarely out of order. But the inverter yituo more attention should be paid to the following: 1, V/F control mode must use linear control more than 2, yituo only applied to the motor speed adjustment without strict requirements of occasions; 3, the sum of all the motor rated current less than the rated current of the inverter. (4), the motor to retrofit independent thermal relay. 5, the motor power as far as possible consistent 6, the difference of physical properties of each output loop small as far as possible, including: A, electrical properties, such as rotational speed; B, cable features, such as the cross-sectional area, length, material. 7, if the basic characteristics of the motor is consistent, when the cable length is close to the limit of the frequency converter allows can take to increase line reactor, lower switching frequency, appropriately increase the frequency converter, etc. For application in the end, the customer when choosing converter, usually consider Siemens or ABB. Indeed, at the high end of some special industries, such as lifting, steel rolling, such as personal feel use foreign brands such as Siemens inverter, will also be more security, the less failure. Later use or worry many oh.
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