How to choose the stepping motor model?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-13
How to choose the stepping motor model? What is a stepping motor? Stepping motor is an open-loop control motor that converts electrical pulse signals into angular displacement or linear displacement. It is the main executive element in modern digital program control system and is widely used. In the case of non-overload, the rotation speed and stop position of the motor only depend on the frequency and number of pulses of the pulse signal, and are not affected by load changes. When the stepping driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepping motor to rotate at a fixed angle in the set direction, called'Step angle' Its rotation runs step by step at a fixed angle. The angular displacement can be controlled by controlling the number of pulses, thus achieving the purpose of accurate positioning; At the same time, the speed and acceleration of the motor can be controlled by controlling the pulse frequency, thus achieving the purpose of speed regulation. How should stepping motors be selected? Learn about it with ruite Xiaobian: the stepping motor has a step angle (Involving Phase number), Static torque, and current. Once the three elements of the stepping motor are determined, the model of the stepping motor is determined. 1. The selection of step angle of stepping motor the step angle of the motor depends on the requirement of load accuracy. The minimum resolution of the load (Equivalent) Converted to the motor shaft, how many angles should each equivalent motor take (Including deceleration). The step angle of the motor should be equal to or less than this angle. The step angle of stepping motors on the market is generally 0. 36 degrees/0. 72 degrees (Five-phase motor), 0. 9 degrees/1. 8 degrees (Two-phase and four-phase motors)1. 5 Degrees/3 degrees (Three-phase motor)Wait. 2. Selection of static torque of stepping motor it is difficult to determine the dynamic torque of stepping motor at once. We often determine the static torque of motor first. The selection of static torque is based on the working load of the motor, and the load can be divided into inertial load and friction load. A single inertial load and a single friction load do not exist. When starting directly (Generally by low speed) Both kinds of loads should be considered. Inertial load should be mainly considered when the two-phase stepping motor is accelerated to start, and friction load should be considered when running at constant speed. In general, the static moment should be 2- Within 3 times, once the static torque is selected, the frame and length of the motor can be determined (Geometric dimensions). 3. The selection of stepping motor current the motor with the same static torque has very different operating characteristics due to different current parameters. The current of the motor can be judged according to the moment-frequency characteristic curve. Although stepping motors have been widely used, stepping motors cannot be used under normal conditions like ordinary DC motors. It must be composed of double ring pulse signal, power drive circuit and other control systems before use. TAG stepping motor model
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