How to choose servo motor?

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-11
A servo system, not just a motor. It is a closed-loop motion system that includes controllers, drivers, meters and feedback devices, usually one with an optical or magnetic encoder. Servo system can use permanent magnet ( Permanent magnets, PM) After the technology, the synchronous machine is equipped with a brush or Brushless PM motor, or an asynchronous mechanical system is established on an AC induction motor. Permanent magnet synchronous motor, with high peak value and continuous torque, is suitable for driving servo systems in high acceleration and rapid deceleration of precise displacement systems. The torque is directly proportional to the input current. The motor shaft speed is associated with the input voltage. The higher the input voltage, the higher the speed of the motor. The curve of the ratio of torque to speed is linear. Permanent magnet structure is associated with motor air gap. For example, the structure of the Brushless PM motor, including two interactive magnetic structures, the moving rotor (Connected permanent magnet) And the stator coil generates an electromagnetic reaction, resulting in the torque and speed of the motor. The three-phase stator field can generate energy in sequence, and the PM rotor follows the rotor field to complete synchronous motion. A specific electronic compensation system for checking the rotor position and adding energy to the stator coil. Brushless PM motors are the first choice for accurate displacement systems in all other motors, except for automotive applications and oversized motor systems. Brushless PM motor is the only servo motor system that can be used for closed-loop torque, speed or displacement systems.
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