How to choose materials and coils for stepping motors?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-15
The insulation materials or lead wires and coils of stepping motors need to be selected according to the heat resistance grade of the motors. ⒈PM (Permanent magnet) The insulation material and coil coil of type I stepping motor are cast into circular coil by plastic resin mold. Its thickness is determined by the motor. Due to injection molding, the design thickness is greater than 0. 5mm, the core and the coil are insulated by plastic resin. The stepping motor coil skeleton material uses nylon 66 or PBT, etc. , and the coil uses polyurethane wire or polyester wire, which is used according to the insulation grade. PM (Permanent magnet) The insulation grade of type I stepping motor is generally 105A moment. The installation of the lead wire varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The common method is to connect the lead wire joint to the skeleton for die casting and fixing. 2 (Hybrid) Insulation material and coil of type I stepping motor (Hybrid) The stator of the type I stepping motor has grooves and the coils are concentrated. In order to achieve the purpose of mechanical winding, the insulation structure is also improved. The thickness of the stator core of the stepping motor is 1/2 of the thickness of the motor. The skirt-shaped insulating material is inserted into the groove, and the side of the core groove is completely covered by resin. The shuttle wire of the winding machine is mechanically wound, one end point of the coil is fixed on the binding post, and the other end is connected and fixed and then led out from the outlet of the lead wire. With this method, the motor stator and the lead-out line can be produced separately, which is convenient for component standardization. (Hybrid)Type I stepping motor uses Class E (120 °) Insulation, can also be selected according to special requirements, Class B or class F insulation materials. TAG stepping, motor
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