How to between stepper motor, Brush DC motor and brushless motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-28
When selecting motors for applications, consider the key differences between each motor operation. Stepper motor: performance positioning, stepper motor can be accurately positioned and controlled by torque. Intermittent action is the best way for stepper output. Tip: Do not use the stepper motor to run continuously. Stepping motors reduce efficiency and torque when applications require uninterrupted operation of motors. Stepping motors are also suitable for shafts that must keep the load for a long time, because the motor can be kept in one position indefinitely. With proper design and damping, the motor can also output motion with minimal speed fluctuation. In addition, the stepping motor has high repeatability and reliability. From a cost point of view, they are usually much cheaper than servo motors and can usually be used in servo motors that save a lot of costs. Brush Motor: Consumer design, mobile machinery and other brush DC motors are mature technologies. Their familiarity makes it easy to use. Despite the shortcomings (Such as commutator and brush wear), But they still have advantages. Their cost is lower than some options, especially when OEM purchases in bulk. Linear torque-Speed relationships make them easier to control. When designers pair them with simple speed controllers, brush motors can be used in automobiles, consumer appliances, household goods and toys. Brushless DC Motor: efficient and durable brushless DC motor eliminates brush and its related wear and arc troubles. They are more effective than Brush Motors because they have less internal friction. They usually have a longer service life and less electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment. Brushless DC motors are suitable for both low power applications (For example, consumer products), Also suitable for high power applications (For example, in electric vehicles and industrial machinery). They are more expensive than brushed DC motors. For all these types of motors, keep in mind voltage availability, size, torque and speed, and service life requirements. TAG stepping motor, brushless motor, brushed DC motor
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