How long is delivery time of ev motor controller kit ?
This depends on whether Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd has sufficient ev motor controller inventory and whether there is custom service in need. The production is scheduled and each order is processed in sequence. We are always ready to run the production line to the maximum capacity. If custom service is needed, the delivery time may be longer. Communication in early period is necessary.

V&T Technologies has expanded and earned a solid reputation for providing high-performance FV20 series inverter. Various in styles, V&T Technologies's vfd motor control can meet the needs of different customers. V&T Technologies ev motor controller is made by using the following techniques: laser metal cutting, CAD software, precision welding, CNC milling and drilling, and powder coat painting. The product operates stably without affected by any impact load. Shenzhen our company Co.Ltd.'s commitment is to provide innovative localized variable frequency drive products that play an important role in global customers. It is widely used in various drive and speed regulation in the fields of machine tools, papermaking, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.

We work hard to minimize the environmental impact during our production. We seek new ways to optimize our production processes by reducing waste and energy consumption.
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