How do servo motor manufacturers use servo motors in industrial robots?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-21
How do servo motor manufacturers use servo motors in industrial robots? Recently, someone asked Xiao Bian why servo motors are used so much in the industrial Industry. Today, servo motor manufacturers will introduce them to you, why does servo motor dominate the field of industrial automation. The growth of the industrial robot industry is increasing day by day. A large number of machine tool manufacturers, stepping motor manufacturers and other qualified enterprises have turned to the current robot market. Why are machine tool manufacturers and motor manufacturers so actively transforming R & D robots? Originally, the current industrial robot consists of four parts: Body, motor, reducer and controller. For industrial stepping motor manufacturers, the joints of robots need to be driven by stepping motors, which require them to have high power mass ratio to torque inertia ratio, high starting torque, low inertia and wide and smooth speed regulation range. If the robot industry wants to grow, it needs to make relevant breakthroughs in the fields of servo and integrated control. China's servo motors and other fields are currently in the stage of being broken through, which has a great impact on the domestic robot industry. The motor servo system of industrial robots generally has three closed-loop control structures: current loop, speed loop and position loop. Under non-special circumstances, its internal functional parameters can be manually set by AC servo driver to achieve various control functions such as position control, speed control and torque control. The development of industrial automation has a high demand for automation software and hardware equipment. The domestic industrial robot market is growing steadily. It is expected that China will become the world's leading robot demand market. The synchronous development of motor and industrial robot market directly drives the market demand of motor servo system. The Stepping Motor Servo motor system supplied by Shenli motor perfectly integrates servo control technology into the integrated motor, making the product have excellent characteristics such as high precision, good stability and fast speed. At present, AC and DC servo motors with high starting torque, large torque and low inertia have been widely used in industrial robots. Other stepping motors are different according to different application requirements, it will also be applied to industrial robots. Industrial stepping motor manufacturers, such as robot end actuators (Claws) It is necessary to use a motor with the smallest volume and mass as possible, but it needs its ability to respond quickly. Servo Motor has high reliability and strong overload capacity in a short time. Specific use requirements: 1. Rapidity, large ratio of starting torque to inertia, continuity and linearity in control characteristics, continuous change of motor speed with the change of control signal, sometimes it is required that the speed is proportional to or approximately proportional to the control signal. 2. The speed regulation range is wide, the volume is small, the mass is small, and the axial dimension is short. The motor needs to withstand harsh operating conditions and can carry out very frequent forward and reverse and acceleration and deceleration operations, and can withstand overload operation in a short time. Ruite motor is an industrial stepping motor manufacturer, mainly producing: brake stepping motor, screw stepping motor, planetary reducer, stepping motor and many other products. With the world's advanced motor technology, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions have exports, the annual production of more than one million motors, and the international quality certification body IS9001 to ensure product quality for you. TAG servo motor, motor, servo motor manufacturer, servo motor used in industrial robots, servo
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