How do motor manufacturers make windings?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-06
How do motor manufacturers make windings? The micromotor industry is a technology-intensive, capital-intensive and labor-intensive industry. Micro-motors have many manufacturing processes, a large number of process equipment and high machining accuracy requirements. Some micro-motors also have special environmental requirements. The micro-motor manufacturing process involves a wide range of professional fields, and its processes mainly include mechanical manufacturing process, mold forming process, special process, special process and driver manufacturing process. 1 winding production needs to be improved winding manufacturing is one of the special processes for micromotors. Due to the different types and structures of micromotor manufacturers, windings also have many types and structural forms, for example, centralized winding, embedded winding, non-core winding, non-slot winding, disc armature winding, squirrel cage winding, etc. , therefore, with different winding structures, their manufacturing processes are also different. There are many kinds of micro-motor windings, and the mechanical actions of winding and embedding are complex, especially for motors with compact structure, narrow core notch, thin winding wires and high slot filling rate, or small frame motors and motors with high requirements, it is still impossible to use the existing automatic winding and embedding equipment, and manual off-line is required to make windings. In the past few years, with the requirements of mass production technology and the rapid development of micro-motor manufacturing technology, the degree of mechanization and automation of special equipment such as winding and embedding is getting higher and higher, which greatly improves the work efficiency, the production cost is reduced. For example, some enterprises can complete the winding and embedding process of a stator winding in less than 20 seconds. However, at present, small batch and multi-variety production has become a trend, while the existing winding and wire embedding equipment on the market can only be used for the production of motor windings of individual or several specifications, with poor versatility. At present, manual downline is often used in medium and small batch production, which is difficult to fully guarantee product consistency and reliability. New direction of winding design winding machine is an important equipment for winding products of motor manufacturers. With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, people's requirements for products are getting higher and higher, therefore, higher requirements are also put forward for the design of winding machine: precision Displacement transmission mechanism. There are many precise displacement parts in the equipment configuration of automatic winding machine. These parts are in wear state during the use of the equipment. The configuration of high-precision ball screw and guide rail greatly improves the accuracy of each displacement part of winding machine, extend the service life of these worn parts. Low energy consumption, low noise mechanism configuration. With the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction in various industries, models with less power consumption will become the mainstream product series in the market. Manufacturers have been paying attention to the selection of electrical parts when designing, the energy consumption of the equipment is reduced through the application of new technologies. The configuration of various shock absorption mechanisms and the application of low noise mechanisms in automatic winding machines effectively reduce the working noise of the equipment. More intelligent servo drive system and sensing technology. The servo drive system was first applied to precision numerical control lathes. With the continuous improvement of the precision requirements of winding machines, the application of servo system can improve the precision of winding equipment spindle and wire arranging mechanism, and improve the winding degree of processing coils. 3 The automation level of motor manufacturing is low. In recent years, various enterprises have invested in technological transformation and introduced many key equipment and testing equipment for manufacturing micro-motors, bringing about the rapid development of micro-motor processing technology, the production efficiency, processing precision and product quality are greatly improved. However, in domestic micro-motor production enterprises, due to various constraints and considerations, there are still a large number of labor-intensive enterprises, manual operation accounts for a considerable amount of workload, and the degree of mechanization and automation is very low. Most of the motor manufacturing enterprises are still in the manual intensive assembly line production mode, with many process links, low efficiency, high labor cost and difficult control of quality consistency. Compared with the mechanization and automation of micro-motor manufacturing and testing in advanced countries, there is still a certain gap in the overall level of micro-motor manufacturing in China. TAG motor manufacturer, motor winding
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