How can servo drivers drive multiple servo motors separately?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-28
How can the servo driver drive multiple servo motors separately, how can a servo driver drive multiple servo motors separately, whether it is feasible, and how to answer: from the simplest understanding, it is feasible for a servo driver to drive a servo motor alone without any problems. You want a servo driver to drive multiple SEVO, which is OK in principle, but it is not recommended in actual operation. 1. Hardware connection. How the drives are connected to multiple sevo without interfering with each other. Then you should have A switching device at this time, if the current drive is connected to A sevo. After the operation is completed, switch to B sevo. Then what kind of equipment do you choose to completely connect the cable to the B equipment, including shielded cable, which is the biggest problem, and cannot guarantee the signal stability after switching, because the direct hard line switching of the cable is the reason. 2. In terms of software, we can judge whether the current device is a device or B device, and can realize the immobile action through the control program, and the program implementation can be completed. Conclusion: even if you do servo control, it requires the accuracy of the equipment, or it is highly recommended that you have regular design to ensure the accuracy and success of your design. If you use the method I mentioned above, it may not guarantee your accuracy. Related reading: the difference between subdivision and non-subdivision of stepping motor driver servo driver working principle and control mode TAG servo driver
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