Hoisting machinery market improve low voltage frequency converter and PLC will benefit

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-13
The third quarter of 2013 hoisting machinery industry as a whole market fared slightly better. Lifting transport equipment sales in the third quarter year-on-year growth rate of 3%, compared with 10 export amount. 6%. Hoisting machinery products according to the amount in the third quarter, exports of the top three countries for Brazil, Singapore, Australia. From the current developing trend of hoisting machinery, gradually to develop in the direction of specialization and large-scale, there are special crane such as nuclear power, paper making, waste disposal; According to & other; Five-year & throughout; Development plan documents, some of the people's livelihood project, especially the infrastructure, such as building a bridge will further strengthen in the future, the demand for hoisting machinery will increase; Improve some subdivision industry admittance threshold, excess production capacity, including gantry crane industry segment, weeding in the replacement. Hoisting machinery products according to the amount in the third quarter, exports of the top three countries for Brazil, Singapore, Australia. Hoisting machinery analyzes believed that the future will gradually recover, gradually towards professional hoisting machinery, and expand overseas markets. The rapid development of the hoisting machinery also greatly promote the application of automation products in the industry. Automation products mainly used in the electric control system of hoisting machinery, including PLC, HMI, low-voltage inverter, low-voltage electrical appliances this four categories. Hoisting machinery demand for low voltage frequency converter is the largest, is expected to 2014 - Hoisting machinery industry automation market scale growth in 2015 will be within 10%. Automation products inverter industry benefit due to the frequency converter in many industry can implement efficient managing electric energy, improve the level of technology and other advantages, it also inevitably drive inverter is widely used in all walks of life. Domestically, & other; Five-year & throughout; During the period of our country is in the phase of industrialization and urbanization speed up the development, energy resources shortage and ecological environment fragile will be further intensified, to achieve & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning to determine the guidelines of reduced energy consumption per unit GDP and total discharge of major pollutants such as binding forces, must constantly improve China's energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment and service level, for large-scale energy conservation and emissions reduction, provides a strong industry support and developing circular economy is the transformation of the mode of development, the inevitable choice of economic structure adjustment. The next page> 123
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