Hitting industrial giants: DE horse fine machine in giessen, Germany factory!

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-04
At the foot of the Alps DMG MORI's biggest factory & ndash; — Pfronten。 The factory in the DMG MORI ( DE horse fine machine) in giessen Occupies an important place in the global strategy, the world's largest in the field of high-end five axis machining center, is a leading global technology center. DMG MORI greater China sales director Mr Zhang Shaoxian warm reception the delegation, detailed introduces the DMG MORI profile, products, research and development situation, CELOS software, etc. DMG MORI in high-end machine technology in a leading position, covers an area of 75000 square meters, annual output of 1500 sets of machine tools, the output value of 600 million euros per year, with 1400 employees, annual domestic training colleges and universities to DMG MORI has many technicians. Bring about DMG MORI Pfronten DMG MORI orders production factory, the delivery date is 2 months or so commonly, production period of 2 weeks, 40 days of shipping, the other for the research and development, the formalities of time. In the face of customer special custom requirements, have a special offer process, can make a sample test for the customer in advance, DMG MORI of German industrial 4 put forward can satisfy domestic customers. 0 and the intelligent data acquisition, equipment integration, demand in the area of manufacturing. DMG MORI, 150 r&d personnel, basic homemade mechanical parts, electrical parts have some procurement ( Such as motor) , numerical control system adopts Siemens or head han. DMG MORI has 13 years of experience in milling meet, product quality, at present, the company's production equipment are basically homemade, some devices have been used for more than 20 years, precision is still very accurate. DMG MORI unveiled new intelligent CNC system and the software CELOS, also in the center of the world first hybrid manufacturing LASERTEC65, will realize the material manufacturing process of ( Laser welding) Together with 5 axis milling composite processing solutions. Bring CELOS CELOS system is based on second development of SIMENS, MAPPS system, is the third version, contains 16 application APP, through CELOS system can put the machine panel display more information are integrated into the system, in order to realize the simplified machine, the machine tool operation seamless integration into the enterprise organization. Then Mr Zhang Shaoxian take delegation visited the sample center and planer assembly workshop, machining workshop. In the center of the samples we are seeing some precision machining parts, including gear, aviation parts, such as Mr Zhang Shaoxian introduction on machine tool processing cost more than a metre gear has greater advantages than the gear hobbing machine. In the machining workshop, about a dozen advanced CNC machining centers, CNC machining center with 3 d simulation function, engineers can adjust the parameters in the simulation system, and then carry on the processing, in addition we see the machine can automatically change the knife, 60 Mr Zhang Shaoxian introduction DMG MORI most 250 knife can be automatically replaced. Is parked in the planer assembly workshop, machining planer, one of them reached 60 mx41m, on the product platform also saw the use of material manufacturing technology for production of samples, introduce Mr Zhang Shaoxian increase material manufacturing cost is higher, the main application in high value product maintenance, historical offline product parts to print, Such as car) And so on.
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