Hitachi Group established the General Corporation of the company in China

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-21
According to the official information of Hitachi Group, in order to further expand the scale of its business in China, its subsidiary company, the company, established the company in Shanghai in October 1, 2014 (China)Limited. Daily production machine (China) It will be officially opened on January 2015 to manage the business activities of the company in China. Daily production machine (China) After its establishment, it will undertake the manufacturing, sales and service of industrial machines in China, and actively promote the local leading cause to cope with diversified customer needs and market changes. According to Hitachi group's official data, China's GDP is expected to grow by about 7% in the future. With the expansion of social infrastructure investment and demand for energy-saving products, the industrial machine market will have stable development. China is an important market for RI machine to expand its global business. In order to actively build a localized system, Nanjing ri Machine Co. , Ltd. was established in 2002 to produce frequency converters and air compressors, hitachi Qian Electric, a manufacturing factory for producing amorphous alloy core transformers, was established in 2009 (Hangzhou)Transformer Co. , Ltd. At present, Ri machine has about 70 sales agents in China, hoping to further expand its business scale by making full use of the existing sales network. It is reported that the production machine (China) It was established to further expand the scale of China's cause. The right to make decisions on the operation of the Chinese cause, and Hitachi (China) The department responsible for the sales and service of industrial machines of the limited company will be handed over to the Japanese machine (China) The manufacturing plants in Nanjing and Hangzhou are also classified as Japan's production machines (China) To realize the integrated operation of manufacturing, sales and service. As a result, Ri machine will be able to meet the needs of different customers more effectively and respond to market changes more quickly in China.
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