High voltage inverter market growth early five characteristics

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-13
In our country, what kind of early market growth characteristics of high voltage frequency converter, high voltage inverter is a common instrument, according to the characteristics of it, summarized the following five for you. 1. The size of the market growth speed, great potentials. Nearly two years the market average growth of more than 40%, the number of manufacturers have achieved more than 100% of the growth in 2007. Now the market has entered the rapid development of sound channel, 2010 years ago are expected to keep 35% Average annual growth of 40%. 2. Product is still not mature, technology in development. The main manufacturers, especially the domestic manufacturers have been breakthroughs in higher power, can realize more functions of new products, and strive to improve the stability of the product at the same time. Products from mature has a certain distance. 3. Competition is intense, pattern is not stable, there are still a lot of new entrants. In the rapid growth of the market, with the growth conditions of different industry manufacturers, and the pouring into new manufacturer, market pattern bigger changes may occur. 4. A gradual decline in prices. In the high voltage inverter market. Past performance is an important weight to obtain new customers recognized, new entrants to achieve results, often by lowering the prices even EMC way to get customers. So along with the increasing competition and the entry of new entrants, the overall market prices are falling. 5. There are still quite a user for this product is not approved, but the user acceptance is improving. From the client, metallurgy, building materials, mining, petroleum and petrochemical or electric power, municipal, more is trying to use and promotion stage, real popularity and large-scale application is far distance.
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