High voltage inverter in China is usher in a golden period of development

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-22
2012 high voltage inverter industry atrophy degree reached 6%, the market size of 4. 9 billion. Is affected by the economy, the high voltage inverter industry in the first three quarters of 2012 into a shrinking trend, but in the fourth quarter, as the implementation of a national investment, there are some projects after two sessions and attractions, industry gradually stabilising. Forecasts, industry after the second quarter of 2013, type high voltage inverter industry will follow the project market a full recovery. Under the idea of advocating energy conservation and environmental protection at home and abroad, combined with the energy conservation and environmental protection market in China in the future for a period of time the scale of the investment will exceed 400 million, inverter industry big opportunities for development, including the high voltage inverter product market demand is gradually rise, high voltage frequency converter has a good future market. With the national policy of macro regulation and control, as well as the energy conservation and emission reduction policy, the development of the high voltage inverter is in a golden era. Frequency of high voltage apparatus application scope is very broad, including electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum and chemical industries, with the national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, energy task to solve the energy saving and emission reduction, and the role of high voltage inverter in the power energy saving is very obvious, has become the most effective tools for energy conservation and emissions reduction. Statistics show, high voltage inverter in China market is rapidly growing, high voltage inverter in the market scale from 10 in 2005. 900 million yuan in 2008 to 3. 4 billion yuan, compound growth rate of over 40%, according to the forecast, the next few years the market growth rate will remain in the higher level of more than 40%. Industrial system along with the development of environmental protection, industrial production requirements are also reflected in the new level, compared to low and middle frequency converter in the market, the high voltage inverter in the more concentrated the market, this powerful shift the development train of thought of high voltage inverter in our country, the new technology new technology emerge in endlessly, and speeded up the process of commercialization, the high voltage frequency conversion enterprises have the scale of capital and technology, a growing competitive follow-up force. In recent years the domestic brand development, product quality is improved, gradually reduce the failure rate, compared with the imported brand shows the advantages of high cost performance, will gradually replace the imported brands, coupled with the global renewable energy market broad appreciation of space frequency converter, inverter of potential market in China will remain in the 120 billion - 200 billion yuan, so attractive, the market more active, the application will be more widely. At the same time, the high voltage inverter in our country should strengthen the development of the industry in the future China inverter industry association, people-oriented, to develop the propulsion of industrial structure and product structure adjustment, rely on scientific and technological progress, efforts to change the pattern of economic growth and strengthen the country and the industry standardization work, only follow the scientific development strategy, can obtain the better and faster development. The next ten years is 10 years of challenges and opportunities coexist, is also the Chinese inverter industry breakthrough development of 10 years. Domestic enterprises will have two transducers growth path: energy conservation and emissions reduction ( High voltage frequency converter) And import substitution ( Low voltage frequency converter, servo, PLC, etc. ) 。 Kang inverter at both path layout, the future will be more steady and continuous development. Domestic inverter brand development situation in our country? Compared with the well-known brands abroad, frequency converter in our country enterprise exists the gap between how? Inverter enterprises should how to quicken the steps of localization of frequency converter? Relational high voltage inverter market requires diligent enterprise management team, the enterprise all aspects of service to keep up, price policy to be flexible, delivery speed, faster response to customer demand. And foreign enterprises due to differences in culture, market mechanism, its strategy, management, and obviously, if not particularly outstanding, products are basically domestic companies in the world, in fact, this is the evolution of the market in recent years. As the role of high voltage inverter in the power saving energy and reducing consumption and market demand is gradually increased, under the idea of advocating energy conservation and environmental protection at home and abroad for industry development opportunities, particularly in energy conservation and environmental protection market in China in the future for a period of time the scale of the investment will exceed 400 million, the industry generally bullish on high voltage inverter market prospect.
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