High voltage inverter downstream of the industry development present situation analysis in our country

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
Though, the high voltage inverter market has not occurred against the background of continued explosive growth, but the inverter brand has covered almost all areas in our country, and relative international brand has a price advantage than the letter. At present, the domestic high voltage inverter has accounted for more than 55% of the market. From the enterprise ranking, kang inverter growth 13. 2%, the market share of 13%, has been among the industry's first position; And improve the market accounted for 12%, 11% than Siemens, ABB accounted for 9%, Hitachi east accounted for 5%. Guodian four dimensional development faster, growth of 44% in 2012, the industry accounted for nearly 5%. China's inverter market is currently in a period of rapid growth, in textile machinery, air conditioning, elevators, metallurgical and other industries widely used. In the past few years China's inverter market maintained a high growth rate, calculate according to the demand of the Chinese market, at least 10 years before the market saturation and gradually mature. Therefore, China's inverter market has a broad space for development. From the point of market pattern, the domestic brands on the market in our country market share accounted for only 20% to 25%, but compared with the well-known brands abroad, also there is a big gap, homebred brand import substitution space is huge. Just for high voltage inverter, industrial development is not smooth. On the high voltage inverter is very broad, including electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum and chemical industries, including electric power, metallurgy, cement and other industrial proportion is increased year by year. In 2011, oil and gas, mining, cement and petrochemical industry covers almost 50% of the domestic high voltage inverter market scale, the cement industry market size 12. 0. 1 billion yuan, is the largest market in four industry, accounting for 16% of the market. “ These industries are more energy intensive industries, energy conservation and emissions reduction tasks need to be addressed. Due to the high voltage inverter is affected by the economic cycle is lesser, greatly influenced by the national related policy. In our country & lsquo; Five-year & rsquo; Under the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction, high voltage inverter market opened the appreciation of the space. ” Said a high-frequency transformer manufacturers. But the reality is that the downstream industry of our country high voltage inverter is should. From the downstream high voltage inverter market scale growth, good water chemical industry growth reached 10%, the chemical industry growth reached 7%, petrochemical industry increased 6%, the oil industry growth reached 6%, the growth of bad industry, metallurgy, building materials, mining, power, shrinking 7%, 8%, 9% and 12% respectively.
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