High voltage inverter, analyzes market development prospect in China

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-22
2012 suffers from domestic economic downturn, high voltage frequency conversion industries downstream profit difficult, high voltage transformation market slowdown in demand, decline in new orders with a certain scale. High voltage frequency conversion needs some recovery this year, but industry growth are still falling. Inverter industry at home and abroad currently advocated the idea of energy conservation and environmental protection in industry development opportunities, including the high voltage inverter product market demand is gradually rising, particularly in energy conservation and environmental protection market in China in the future for a period of time the scale of the investment will exceed 400 million, the high voltage inverter market prospect. At present, our country's economy is developing very rapidly, and the corresponding energy demand is very strong. In fact, the current global energy consumption of energy, a considerable part is using invalid loss. How to improve energy efficiency, building energy conservation and environmental protection of the environment, social development is the main problem facing. High voltage inverter in the field of large-scale applications will undoubtedly enhance the energy efficiency. At present, the provinces of energy-saving of planning and development, by 2015, the gross output value of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China will reach 4. The added value of 5 trillion yuan, which accounts for about 2% of gross domestic product. Public data shows that high voltage inverter in China market is rapidly rising. In 2005, the high voltage inverter market scale is about 10. 900 million yuan, and in 2008 reached 3. 4 billion yuan, the compound growth rate of over 40%. In 2009, according to the high voltage inverter market research report on China's forecast, in 2012, the high voltage inverter in China market scale will reach 15 billion yuan, in the next few years the market growth rate will remain in the higher level of more than 40%. In 2013 as the weak economic recovery, high voltage variable frequency demand gradually recover, industry growth is expected to recover to 10% 15%. But for leading enterprises, because of the large size of high voltage frequency conversion sold, will dominate in maintenance requirements, growth is expected to go beyond the leading enterprises in the industry. In the long run, high voltage variable frequency major downstream industries, such as cement, electric power, has high permeability, compared with the past few years, the future demand growth will decline; Even considering the high voltage variable frequency update maintenance demand peak coming after 2015, as the market base the completion of renovation and expansion of market, industry growth will also maintain smooth, compound growth rate of the next 35 years industry estimates that about 15% 10%. At the same time, the high voltage inverter industry development in China could follow the four development strategies: one is to strengthen China's inverter industry association. By organizing and hosting industry development forum, a unified industry enterprise, to avoid vicious price competition situation of the industry; To coordinate the industry enterprise and the government, society and the relationship of the upstream and downstream customers, actively assisting the government to implement energy saving policy. The second is people-oriented. With the acceleration of the development of new products and application broadening process, talent cultivation and supplement becomes the key to the future industry can maintain high growth. Inverter enterprises at the same time of training and respect talents, in terms of use and retain talent, should avoid disorderly competition, set up industry global consciousness. Three is the enterprise to develop the propulsion of industrial structure and product structure adjustment, rely on scientific and technological progress, efforts to change the pattern of economic growth. Sound and perfect sales service system, improve the overall service levels. Build refining industry development strategic alliance, to encourage industry focus to superior enterprises. Four is to vigorously strengthen national and industry standardization work. According to reporter understanding, the existing of variable frequency speed regulating devices involved three standards are the transmission of large equipment system, variable frequency speed regulating device is just as a component. Therefore, there is currently no independent variable frequency speed regulating device executable production, testing and acceptance criteria. In response, Mr Fu said, set up the national frequency control equipment standardization technical committee related materials have been submitted to the national standard committee, industry association in the future will gradually start frequency control equipment standard system revision work, gradually achieve frequency control of motor speed equipment general standards, industry characteristics, technical standards, product standards, methods, standard matching system. On the high voltage inverter is very broad, including electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum and chemical industries, including electric power, metallurgy, cement and other industrial proportion is increased year by year. In 2011, oil and gas, mining, cement and petrochemical industry covers almost 50% of the domestic high voltage inverter market scale, the cement industry market size 12. 0. 1 billion yuan, is the largest market in four industry, accounting for 16% of the market.
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