High voltage frequency converter start-up process optimization

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-12
1 introduction inverter is the use of power semiconductor devices the on-off function of the voltage and frequency constant alternating current into a voltage, frequency adjustable ac power. Now use the frequency converter mainly adopts cross - Straight - Pay the way, the first power frequency ac power through the rectifier converts dc power supply, and then to convert the direct current frequency, voltage control of the ac power supply electric motor. Frequency control of motor speed has been acknowledged as the most ideal, one of the most promising way of speed adjustment. Use of variable frequency speed regulation can save energy and reduce production cost, increase productivity, improve product quality, improve the degree of automation equipment. But we found that high voltage frequency converter in the actual production work boot process is complex, many factors which influence the boot, often lead to large-scale unit does not start in a timely manner, seriously affect the normal production, in order to improve a start-up success rate high voltage inverter, the author will combine the hebei some iron and steel group company under the referenced on the large blower of Germany's Siemens gl150 inverter, elaborate inverter possible problems and solutions in the process of start, optimization of high voltage inverter to start the process as much as possible, improve the success rate of machine at a time. 2 blower system and high voltage inverter gl1502. The composition of the 2 1 blower system. 1. 1 unit configuration unit configuration is shown in figure 1. Blower adopting xian shan drum av90 - power co. , LTD 15 type axial flow compressor, the device parameters are shown in table 1. The next page > 123
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