Guodian four dimensions: break the monopoly successfully developed high voltage large power inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-23
OFweek industrial control net news: recently, the domestic first super power high voltage inverter in miyun economic development zone, Beijing guodian four-dimensional clean energy technology co. , LTD. , shipments, shipped to the hebei tangshan steel mills. Compared with the common used in inverter power supply facilities, the high voltage inverter is a 20 meters high, 2. 9 meters, width 1. 5 meters of large equipment. Beijing guodian four-dimensional clean energy technology co. , LTD sales director wu is limited to the rich, this is the company's latest research and development production of large power high voltage inverter, for domestic initiative. This sets the successful design of the high voltage inverter, broke the foreign brand monopoly situation for a long time, open the domestic super power load in the field of energy saving, also makes the high and new technology enterprise in China power industry made a beautiful & other; Turnaround & throughout; 。 According to wu limit rich, general power to more than 10000 kv can saying is the super power of high voltage frequency converter, is mainly used in electric power, metallurgy, building materials, petrochemical industry, coal and other industries. The order should be tangshan steel production of high voltage inverter power up to 15500 kw, but their current control technology, it is possible to increase the number to 25000 kw. “ Because the market of this product has been Germany Siemens, ABB, mitsubishi, foreign brands such as the United States robicon, to break the pattern, we started in early 2010, started to develop, and assembled the more than 30 electric power, machinery, automation and other professional and technical personnel, composed of specialized research and development institutions, scientific research. Until June of last year, the first prototype assembly is completed, to run the load test and inspection by the authoritative department, various technical indexes reach the standard regulations. ” Rich said wu. ” Wu fu said, in order to ensure the security and stability of core components operation, science and technology personnel greatly small 200 times have been tested, finally using intelligent across functions, realizes the double machine to complete the switch smoothly during the stipulated period of time. At the same time, science and technology personnel also adopts split hanging unit structure, not only solve the biggest problem of frequency converter & ndash; — Heat dissipation problem, and the heat faster, so their product energy consumption than foreign products within the same column was reduced by 30%. In march of this year, tangshan a steel mill for domestic and foreign companies to bid on the large power high voltage inverter. Guodian four-dimensional company to complete & other; Double machine hot backup & throughout; Solutions, won the bid. In the face of short time limit, the actual high standard requirements, the company put the project as a & other; No. 1 engineering & throughout; , a meeting every half month, sum up experience, find problems, research solutions, to ensure the timely delivery of the products. We have learned, Beijing guodian four-dimensional clean energy technology co. , LTD in 2001 settled in miyun economic development zone, is high-tech enterprises in miyun & other; Star enterprise & throughout; , has been committed to energy conservation and environmental protection, clean energy, intelligent electric field in r&d and manufacture of related products. In recent years, the company has successively developed inverter remote operation box of constant current source circuit, solar inverter power module 12 leading new practical technology at home and abroad. This order, the enterprise and reaped nearly 10 orders, to the production of 18000 kw high voltage frequency converter. At present, the enterprise is to produce, ensure timely delivery of the goods. It is understood that this one has completely independent intellectual property rights of large power high voltage inverter, the successful development of and add a bright spot for new and high technology enterprises in miyun county.
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