General inverter capacity release of small and medium-sized enterprise profit decline

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-13
High-end market in the next five years will be import substitution 2010 high voltage inverter industry presents the situation of two points: the general inverter release full capacity, product prices, market participants are generally facing the present situation of the decline in profitability; High-performance field continues to blue ocean, the foreign-invested enterprises than large, headed by RongXin and kang domestic brand market share is gradually improved, more and more universal in high performance products. Experts high voltage inverter in the future market competition is situational judgment: as the 2011 downstream demand increased, general inverter is expected to ease market competition, enterprises gross margin recovery is a big probability event, but more difficult to return to 2009 levels; Market participants continue to increase, the future will be more emphasis on customized products and system solutions, leading enterprise research and development ability, capital strength, will further enhance the market share; High performance threshold high frequency inverter technology, industry is expected to copy general converter process of import substitution. The less the current domestic enter, product gross margin will remain stable over a period of time in the future. Compared with the general frequency converter, high performance products using the vector control and energy feedback technology, with constant torque, fast dynamic response, high precision, wide speed range of speed and rapid braking characteristics of the product unit price is as high as ten million yuan, gross margin is also significantly higher than the general products. Inverter development from speed to the energy conservation of frequency conversion technology first used to stepless speed regulation of motor, by controlling the on-off of the semiconductor devices change the output frequency, in order to realize to the back-end drag ac motor soft start and frequency control of motor speed and improve the operation accuracy, and achieve over-current, over-voltage protection, overload protection. Contrast the past mechanical speed control mode, a wide range of frequency control of motor speed, can reach 100% ~ 5%; High control precision, and it can reach 0. 5%; Because it is infinitely adjustable-speed, can achieve motor soft start and automatic control of the whole production system, and then reduce the impact on the grid from the voltage on the classification, general for 3 kv ~ 10 kv high-voltage environment for the development of motor and frequency converter operation called high voltage inverter, and called the input voltage is not higher than 690 v low voltage frequency converter. At present, the high voltage frequency converter used in the field of electric power, metallurgy, cement, aggregate accounts for more than 50%; Low voltage frequency converter applications more widely, involving industrial production, oil, coal, municipal transportation and other industries. High voltage frequency conversion of downstream segment of the market. High precision, wide range of frequency conversion become the first choice for industrial control at present in the field of low frequency and high performance high voltage frequency conversion using the vector control method. Compared with the V/f control, vector control in the speed range and significantly improve control accuracy. Industrial production automation level in China is still a certain gap with the developed country, the 12th five-year plan is put forward to upgrade manufacturing industry, the development of advanced equipment, promote the manufacturing industry become stronger by guiding the direction of future development. Frequency conversion technology because of its excellent performance will be further promotion in the field of industrial control and precision control. Especially manufacturing widely used low voltage frequency conversion technology, the future development of closely related to automation and equipment upgrades. Frequency conversion power saving energy ring fan, water pump, air compressor in China and other major electrical equipment to meet the requirements of running the supreme power, output power often has a lot of redundant design, if use the mechanical control energy was squandered on the valve and damper baffle. Frequency conversion speed regulation through the power electronic control, the back-end electrical machine increased its speed range, high frequency effect more apparent. Fan pump type load optimum installation energy-saving frequency converter, compared to a low voltage frequency conversion, high voltage technology in the industry segment is more widely used. Experts compare the effect of several major energy-saving products in the electrical equipment, including the inverter efficiency is as high as 30% ~ 60%, simply add in motor front when using, small to change the original equipment.
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