GE: advocating industry investment in the Internet three years to $1. 5 million

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-10
“ Industry throughout the Internet &; This is created in the r&d department of GE, reflects the company's hope: to add more sensors to the machine, and produces a large amount of data, from the locomotive, jet engines, MRI apparatus and other GE sales of equipment in more efficiency. GE said it would in the three years for the idea of investment of $1. 5 million. Some of this money will be used by the company in SAN ramon, California, 圣拉蒙) The new software research and development center. In SAN ramon research center, for example, in the field of machine learning research and development personnel Anil Varma is experiment, hoping to find out 20000 aircraft engines can predict GE service which need to repair minor warning signs. For some types of engines, he said, the algorithm can one month in advance in order to find out the need to pay attention to the engine accuracy of 70%. This can help to avoid costly flight delay. Most of the work equipment sensor through the way of reactive: if there is anything wrong, the red light will be lighted on the dashboard. GE's old almost in the same way the plane engine, measurement indicators, such as temperature, pressure and voltage. But in the past, in this way to track information is seldom conservation and research. Says Varma, most flights will only keep three average: engine data in the process of take-off, cruise and landing. Varma, GE hopes to use including the next generation of engine GEnX ( The Boeing 787 will use the engine) Products, to ultimately retain all original records every flight, may also can record real-time transmission from the plane to go out. He also said that such engine produced in one year of data is more than business all of the data collected in aviation history. Although through a lot of sensors to let the machine to communicate ideas are not new, Sometimes it is called & other; The Internet of things & throughout; ) But GE large-scale business can accelerate to let imagine into reality. Vivek varma said: & other; We have one of the largest industrial data sets, because we have been operating this equipment for a long time. We can test all the algorithms, and see how they work. ” William & bull; Lu ( 威廉·Ruh) Was one of cisco's policymakers now employed by GE is responsible for the study ( GE said he came up with & other; Industry throughout the Internet &; This statement) 。 About the industrial Internet, 'said GE inspired by the economic crisis. When economic growth prospects in the industry's customers start counting on productivity growth to increase profits. They also more and more frequently hear & other; Big data & throughout; The word, and began to seek advice whether GE to their device has a & other; Big strategy & throughout; 。 GE may not always easily on the big data technology applications to industrial problems, a professor at the university of Columbia carter & bull; Su wen card tower blah manny (Ann Venkat Venkatasubramanian) Said. He is also a school of data science and engineering research institute ( 数据科学与工程研究所) The professor. And he said, for a commercial retailers, may only need to find the correlation of customer data is enough, for example the beer people will buy diapers. “ Some results are readily available, the standard machine learning algorithm can help you to detect and solve the problem, & throughout; He said. But in the more complex physical system model also need to explain why these correlations exist. In GE of downtown SAN ramon, researchers are developing the new user interface, can be used to map, simulation, and equipment like the Twitter social network to help people put the industrial data visualization. In a room, full of a lot of large screen and Microsoft access connection. It is can sense the movement of the video game controller. Where researchers shows how a public sector workers can use gestures to use data visualization grid department decided to help him. GE said they are still in cooperation with Canadian public sector companies, using satellite images and weather maps, position and power outages in the past to predict need to fix the position of the branch. Falling branch is mainly responsible for associated with the storm is a power failure. Is not the only benefit from this infrastructure. Mount sinai medical center in New York City, 西奈山医学中心) Cooperation with GE set the sensor and the signal transmitter to the hospital beds and equipment, used to record track of equipment in use. GE declared if get more complete information, this 1100 - bed hospital can accommodate more than 10000 patients each year. Lu believes that small improvements can have a big impact. GE in a report released in November 2012, estimates that oil efficiency increased by about 1%, mean for the aviation industry $2 billion, mean for the electric power industry for about $4 billion. GE gas turbine and other utilities involved in 25% of the world's power transmission. “ We know can change 1%, from the operation & throughout; Lu said. But, he adds, & other; It's hard to do it by inventing a better equipment, because we are approaching the limit of the laws of physics. ”
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