G120X isn't just about inverter product but also the strategy of Siemens

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-09
January 16, on the Banks of the sea in shenzhen, three of the Siemens general motion control department bosses embodiment of tai chi master, hand in hand with the latest Sinamics G120X series low voltage frequency converter, set force of nature ink. The scene, don't mention how cool! But more attractive to the small make up the Siemens industrial automation ( China) Co. , LTD. , executive vice President and digital factory group general manager sigfusson to say the words - — 'G120X Siemens series release is a landmark step'. He expresses the G120X series in Siemens strategic significance. Although Siemens release not curious, but this time G120X series really is not the same! Industrial control small make up can responsibly tell you, must be in the next few years Siemens G120X series in 'digital industry' on behalf of the product, this is Siemens 2018 one of the three core business. In a sense, G120X series is also a symbol of the Siemens low voltage frequency converter into the digital age. Said bluntly, G120X series is one of the new darling of general motion control of baby! This year, Siemens China team will also be for this series of products of more than 10 cities jail Demo roadshow, let everyone have a chance to try G120X series. Say can you itch? Don't worry, before touch the real thing, eat the small make up this bowl of amway, how to get to G120X series before a different viewpoint son! Leap infrastructure industry Siemens inverter in the traditional factory automation market status of natural need not say more, reputation resounding. But in the infrastructure industry, the figure of Siemens is rare, and the field of G120X series for the fan pump application infrastructure industry, suitable for water supply and wastewater treatment, hvac, building construction, subway tunnel ventilation, such as infrastructure, as well as cement, chemical, food and beverage and other industrial environment. G120X series is the highlight of the first known to the outside world, namely G120X series reached a similar products on the market at present the most wide power range, the official data is 0. 75千瓦, 630 kw, almost covers all low pressure demand of fan and pump power. Not the kui is big, but really, blockbuster. Also, the somebody else's market positioning is very accurate. According to rough statistics, in 2018 the domestic low voltage inverter market growth rate of about 10%, performance is very good, the future for a period of time also is favored. China's low voltage frequency converter 12 billion market capacity, infrastructure industry to occupy the market share of about 38%. It is worth mentioning that the fan and water pump type mechanical equipment annual electricity consumption accounts for about 30% of national output, accounting for about 50% of the electricity industry. Use transducer can significantly reduce energy consumption, improve the comprehensive benefit. Among them, the G120X series of scarce in the high-end market, and with Siemens a full range of solutions for competitive advantage, expect to grab double-digit market share within five years, vision and menacing, so to speak. The next page 12 >
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