Future development analysis of high power inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-29
Industrial enterprises in Asia are demanding more energy efficiency and want to expand productivity while making operations more flexible. The economic turmoil in some European countries has caused uncertainty in the global economy. The slowdown in China's growth rate has also brought negative effects to the market in 2012. The urgent desire of manufacturers to reduce energy costs and energy consumption directly drives the growth of the high-power inverter market. Asia is the largest market for high-power inverters, accounting for 42% of the total annual income of the inverter market. It will remain the main driving force for the growth of the high-power inverter market in the forecast period. The market demand for Asian power and automation solutions will continue to increase in 2012 and a period after that. The market is for new power facilities, upgrading existing power facilities, the need to improve industrial efficiency and productivity has played a positive role. These factors will still stimulate the application of high-power frequency converters in a period of economic instability. The energy and infrastructure industry is growing rapidly. With the growth of the global economy, developing economies in Asia will need more energy and basic materials, this will promote the production of electricity, oil and gas, chemical industry, paper making and steel. In addition, the increase in demand for more similar metal, oil, natural gas and mineral resources has also driven the application of automation and high-power frequency converters. The market growth of automation and high-power frequency converters is also closely related to the huge consumption in the infrastructure industry. Whether it is a developed economy or an emerging economy, the development of the infrastructure industry has received attention and is constantly developing. Therefore, the investment in automation equipment (Including various specifications of inverter) It will increase, for example, in the power generation, water and sewage treatment industries. During the forecast period, the food and beverage, medicine, fast-moving and renewable energy application industries will also perform well in the investment of high-power frequency converters. The performance of emerging economies is expected. It is predicted that emerging economies in Asia will create higher GDP output in the next few years. The increase in consumer demand and additional infrastructure projects will promote the market demand for many products. The market segments of oil and gas industry, metal and mining industry, cement and glass industry and many other process and discrete industries have a rising demand for automation and high-power frequency converters. In addition, the key markets for the growth of high-power frequency converters are being transferred to emerging economies, and production lines are also moving to these regions, especially India and China. At present, the industry has fully realized the importance of energy use and adjusted its operation mode according to the requirements of energy consumption and cost. The use of automation equipment, including frequency converters, is an important tool to help achieve energy conservation goals.
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