Fuji motor begins to produce inverter in the United States

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-20
Fuji Motor US branch begins production of French-at its new factory in Roanoke, Virginia- HVAC combined frequency converter to reduce turnaround time and customize panels suitable for customers' own applications. The complete series of products include 208 V, 460 V and 575 v panels. The products are simple to install, easy to start, and can also be used for on-site troubleshooting. ' We have completed the new product French in the new factory- We are very happy with the final assembly of HVAC combined frequency converter. ' David Schaper, general manager of Fuji Motor's US branch, said,' These panels are suitable for various applications, and localized production means that we can maintain our sensitivity to the market and produce products that meet customer needs. 'FRENIC- HVAC combination inverter includes'Completed' CAD drawings are suitable for applications ranging from food processing to pump control. These UL-certified panels are compatible with 22mm or 30mm man-machine interface devices, providing convenient cable introduction options and enjoying the leading 3-year warranty period in Fuji motor industry. Fuji motor 3. The 70 thousand-square-foot engineering and assembly plant was put into use in 2015 in Roanoke, Virginia, focusing on the assembly of variable speed drive customized panels, uninterrupted power systems and auxiliary power systems (APS). The company's latest announcement is the latest move to develop and expand its US business, which can respond to the needs of the local market more quickly and shorten the product delivery cycle. (Text/Moon translation)
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