Frequency converter widely used a surge in demand industry in our country

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-23
Since the 21st century, China's inverter market growth rate as high as 20%, far more than the same period GDP growth, and market expansion and diversification of client demand, make the domestic market of industrial control frequency converter continuously improve product functionality, integration and systematization degree is higher and higher, more convenient operation, which is suitable for some special industries and special inverter products. At the same time, the application of frequency converter field is also growing. From the factory production and processing equipment to the central air conditioning, from heavy machinery to the textile industry, from 0. 4 kw small power to 900 kw high-power motors have been widely used, and achieved significant economic benefits. Reports show that the frequency converter industry in our country in maintaining the momentum of rapid development in recent years, industry sales income 145, 2008. 8 billion yuan, rose 27. Achieve sales revenue of 165 00%, 2009. 8 billion yuan, 13 year-on-year growth. Achieve sales revenue of 208 72%, 2010. 1 billion yuan, rose 20. 40%. Overall, though - in 2008 In 2009 the global economy under the influence of the financial crisis continued to slump, but still maintain rapid economic growth in China, our inverter enterprises affected is not big, a series of economic revitalization planning in our country, and strongly advocated in the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, domestic market demand, the inverter industry fast steady development. 2008 - In 2012 China inverter industry market size and prediction ( Units: one hundred million yuan, %) In the next two or three years, the inverter will be in electric power, metallurgy, coal, oil, chemical, cement, paper making, municipal, transportation and other fields needs to further increase, thereby increasing the size of the market continued to expand. Estimates that the industry market scale will reach 345 this year. 600 million yuan, the market growth rate is 28. 52%.
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