Frequency converter has been everywhere, but you know how many?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-09
Inverter is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronic technology, by changing the way to control the motor power frequency ac motor power control equipment. Inverter is mainly composed of rectifier ( Ac to dc) , filter, inverter ( Dc to ac) , brake unit, drive unit, detection unit micro processing unit, etc. Internal IGBT inverter on the open circuit to adjust the output of the power supply voltage and frequency, based on the actual needs of the motor to provide the needed power supply voltage, thus achieve the goal of energy saving and speed, in addition, the protection of the inverter and there are many functions, such as over-current, over-voltage protection, overload protection, etc. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, the inverter also got very extensive application. 1. The air conditioning load some class office buildings, shopping malls and supermarkets, factories have central air conditioning, peak in the summer, the electricity consumption of air conditioning is very large. In hot weather, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen air conditioning electricity consumption accounted for over 40% of the peak power. Thus with frequency conversion device, drag the frozen pump air conditioning systems, cooling water pump, fan is a very good power saving technology. At present, the national appeared many company specializing air-conditioning energy saving, the main technology is frequency conversion power saving. 2. Crusher class load metallurgical mining, building materials used many crusher, ball mill, the class load after using frequency effect is remarkable. 3. Large kiln calciner class load, metallurgy, building materials, caustic soda and other large industrial kiln ( Converter) Before most of them adopt dc motor, motor commutator, slip, cascade speed regulation or intermediate frequency speed control unit. Due to the speed adjustment way or slip ring or efficiency is low, in recent years, many unit adopts frequency conversion control, the effect is very good. 4. Compressor load compressor also belongs to the widely used class load. Low-pressure compressor is widely used in various industry departments, high voltage large capacity compressor in the iron and steel ( Such as oxygen generator) , mine, chemical fertilizer, ethylene has more application. Adopts frequency control of motor speed, all bring small starting current, power saving, optimizing the equipment service life, etc. 5. Mill and loads in the metallurgical industry, the past large multi-purpose cross - rolling mill Frequency converter, the cross - in recent years Straight - Frequency converter, mill communication is a kind of trend, especially in light load rolling mill, adopts the general inverter can meet the low frequency load startup, frame synchronization between running, constant tension control, simple operation and reliable. 6. Hoist load hoist class load adopts frequency control of motor speed, stable and reliable. Iron works of blast furnace lifting equipment is a major ironmaking raw material conveying equipment. It requires that the rev, smooth braking, uniform acceleration and deceleration, high reliability. Original use cascade, dc or more rotor series resistance speed control mode, low efficiency and poor reliability. Replace the speed adjustment way with ac frequency converter, can obtain the ideal effect. 7. Converter load converter class load, replace the dc with ac frequency conversion unit simple, reliable and stable operation. 8. Roller load roller type load, many in the iron and steel metallurgy industry, adopts ac motor frequency control, can improve equipment reliability and stability. 9. Pump pump load, load quantity bedding face is wide, including water pump, oil pump, chemical pump, mud pump, sand pump, etc. , have a low pressure, medium and small capacity pump has high voltage large capacity pump. Many tap water company water pump, chemical and fertilizer industries of chemical pump, reciprocating pump, non-ferrous metals industries of mud pump adopts frequency control of motor speed, all have very good effect. 10. Crane, crane, skip skip class load of large load torque and require, positive and negative frequency and require reliable. Frequency conversion device to control the crane, skip can meet these requirements. 11. Production of wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine class load for high speed and continuous production. Strength of steel wire for 200 kg/was, speed control system demands of high precision, high stability and synchronization. 12. Transport car class load coal mine coal shipment or steel steel adopts frequency conversion technology such as truck effect is very good. Start stop quickly, overload capacity is strong, positive &negative flexible to coal with smooth surface, weight (right No more or less) , basically does not need manual operation, improve the efficiency of the raw coal production, saving electricity. 13. Elevator elevated touring class load because the elevator is manned tool, drag system is highly reliable, and frequent deceleration and positive &negative, elevator and improve the reliability of the dynamic characteristics of edge increases the elevator ride comfort, security and efficiency. The past the elevator speed control dc, gradually into the ac motor frequency control of motor speed in recent years. Many elevator factory in our country are scrambling to equipped with frequency control of motor speed elevator, a lot of the original production of elevator also has carried on the inverter. The next page 12 >
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