Frequency converter arc signal mode

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-15
The inverter turntable rotates at the welding speed. After the Arc is successful, the welding continues. The welding counts to the Arc receiving signal. At the same time, the turntable stops, the arc is started, and the arc is completed, the turntable is running at high speed until the second empty range is counted, and the high-speed counter is automatically reset. When it is re-run until the first empty range is counted, arc welding is started again, and the above control process is repeated, until the in-situ signal to the completion of the welding process. System Application software design. The setting of PLC data area first sets CQM1HPLC high-speed counter 0, and changes DM6642 data to 0114. We adopt software reset and incremental working mode. The initialization reset of the system mainly clears the counter and re-registers a CTBL wheel welding Parameter Area comparison storage table. Once registered, the table can take effect until the re-registration, the original parameter can be changed. The welding length is set at DM0000- In the DM0119 data area, each product occupies 40 data memories, and each comparison range occupies 5 DM data areas, one of which is the program number. The counting pulse displayed by the digital tube is provided by the transistor output unit. Since the output bit cannot output two pulses at the same time, we use the time relay to use the time-sharing pulse output method to avoid the simultaneous output pulse. The highest frequency of the output pulse is 1000Hz, and the number of pulses specified by the PULS command is output in an independent manner. At the same time, note that the output update of DM6649 should be set to direct output before starting the pulse output, each time a set of data is output, it is cleared first, then counted. After counting, the digital tube displays the lock. After more than half a year of use, the equipment has stable performance and high reliability. The welding speed is about 15 seconds higher than that of each workpiece of the original welding machine. The weld is accurately positioned, easy to operate, and the labor production efficiency is improved, the labor intensity of workers has been greatly reduced.
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