Frequency conversion controller: the new washing machine market growth

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-08
Frequency conversion washing machine market presents the double-digit growth, immediately the focal point of the frequency conversion controller manufacturing enterprises. Industry statistics show that online 1 to July 2014, frequency conversion washing machine sales for 490. 30000, year-on-year growth. 3%. Among them, the inside sales for 310. 90000, year-on-year growth. 8%, exports for 179. 40000, year-on-year growth of 11. 3%. It is understood that frequency conversion technology can improve the performance of the washing machine from three respects & ndash; — One is to improve the washing efficiency. Due to adopting direct drive type frequency conversion motor, washing machine washing, dehydration speed can be adjusted, for washing the type, quantity, degree of smudginess choose the washing, dehydration rate; The second is energy conservation. Frequency conversion washing machine of high efficiency and motor efficiency can reach 80%; Three is to reduce noise and vibration. Due to the dc frequency conversion motor electromagnetic noise is less than the single phase induction motor, change the mechanical drive to direct drive at the same time, the dehydrating gear, belt, electromagnetic noise and vibration will be brought under effective control. In 2014, specific to the washing machine market segment, frequency conversion controller manufacturing enterprises have said, the sales performance ideal. “ In 2013, completing more than 20 sets of frequency conversion controller, and in 2014, achieve sales of 500000 units, is growing rapidly. ” Shanghai green enjoy electronic technology co. , LTD. The main order from washing machine factory, the general manager in an interview, establish resplendence ardently told reporters, the 'electric' & other; Grasp the core of variable frequency motor control technology, we can design according to the requirements of the machine factory set of frequency conversion control solutions, to entrust in hefei factory processing production frequency conversion controller. Along with the frequency conversion washing machine start and business development needs of the market, the company is likely to build production line, strengthen the supporting capacity. ” Shanghai new source frequency conversion electric appliance co. , LTD. In 2014, the main products for the pulsator, platen washing machine frequency conversion controller, accounted for 50% of the company's overall business. The company's Marketing Department minister Susan wang said: & other; From the point of the current operating conditions, frequency conversion controller washing machine sales in good condition. New source in the brushless dc motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor control has own unique core algorithm, to ensure the washing machine performance is stable, reliable, can provide customers with complete sets of variable frequency control scheme of the mature, and through software optimization design on the basis of the guarantee good performance, control costs, improve product market competition. ” Wuxi Hodgen Technology Co. , Ltd pay close attention to developments in the field of frequency conversion controller applied in a washing machine, and in terms of cost control in advance & other; Hand & throughout; 。 Marketing director ya-chi wang told reporters: the 'electric' & other; Compared with the first washing machine production of form a complete set of supply price, the price of sales and technology of washing machine frequency conversion controller by an average of 20 to 30 yuan per unit. ” It is understood that the O - BELL, a washing machine motion control chip IRMCF341 frequency conversion control scheme selects the TOSHIBA company as a development platform, combined with SANYO group company's intelligent power module IPM dc frequency conversion washing machine drive control scheme, is through the testing and verification of the machine factory.
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