Faults and treatment examples in the use of frequency converters

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-16
1. The frequency of the inverter does not reach the normal working frequency (40 HZ). A samco- I inverter, through the analog control of external terminals, once the frequency can only reach 20 HZ, check each parameter in turn, the highest frequency and the upper limit frequency are 50 HZ, the visible parameters are no problem, immediately change to a given frequency on the panel, the highest frequency can run to 50 HZ. From this point of view, the problem lies in the analog input circuit or the original device of the inverter itself. Check the thermal resistance with a multimeter. The linearity is very good. There is no problem. Finally, open the inverter and check that a patch capacitor is damaged. After replacement, the inverter returned to normal. 2, frequency converter frequent over-current alarm. (1) the parameter setting is incorrect. If the acceleration time of the inverter is set too short, the change of the output frequency of the inverter far exceeds the change of the motor frequency. When the inverter is started, it trips due to overcurrent. This fault can be eliminated by adjusting the acceleration time according to different load conditions. ⑵ The output load is short-circuited. If a Fuji inverter trips when it starts, check that the cable head of the contactor on the output side is partially rusted and loose, and an arc occurs when it starts up, resulting in protection action. ⑶ The damage of the detection circuit also displays a transition alarm. The Hall sensor is affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and the working point drifts. Too much load may also cause it. Such as a Siemens M420 inverter, due to mechanical jam. 3. A Siemens 6SE7036 inverter trips after starting for a period of time. Display 'F023 '(Inverter exceeds limit temperature) , Check because the fan insurance is bad, causing the temperature to be too high and tripping, replace the insurance. 4, a Siemens 6SE7036 inverter PMU panel LCD display letter 'E', the inverter can not work normally, press the P keyboard and re-stop power transmission are invalid, check the Operation Manual does not have relevant instructions, when checking the external 24VDC power supply, it is found that the voltage is low. After changing the power supply, the inverter returns to normal. 5, inverter undervoltage, overvoltage alarm, which is caused by the main power supply; There are also machine detection circuit damage caused. (1) such as 6SE7036 inverter F008 failure (Ud
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