Factory automation promotes servo motor and driver growth

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-23
According to the latest report of Persistence Market Research, the continuous improvement of factory automation level in many markets is the reason for the continuous growth of servo motor and driver Market. The company said that by the end of this year, the market is expected to exceed US $12 billion, and by the end of 2029, the global market value will reach US $28 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of about 8%. The company said that due to the unprecedented development of the robot industry and the widespread use of robot technology in various end-use industries, the robot technology field may occupy an important share in the world. Other industries are expected to drive sales growth of servo motors, including the food and beverage industry (' It plays a vital role in making accurate food or cold drink packaging')And the field of printing and packaging equipment. The organization said it expects sales in the pulp and paper industry and the textile industry to be healthy and attractive. Source: continuous market research, breaking the servo motor market. The report segments the servo motor and driver market by technology, product type, motor configuration and region, as follows: by technology: the report is divided into single-axis servo system and multi-axis servo system. Persistence Market Research said that the single-axis servo system is expected to' Attract end users and possibly gain greater attraction in the servo motor and driver market'. ' The reasonable cost and high efficiency of single-axis servo system may play a key role in the substantial growth of single-axis servo system market. ' By Product Type: The report divides the market into linear servo motors and rotary servo motors, saying that the sales volume of these two segments is roughly equal to the market share of linear servo motors. 'Slightly advantageous'. Through motor configuration: The market is subdivided into AC motor and DC motor. In AC servo motors, the market is divided into industrial type and step type. DC servo motors are divided into brushless DC motors, separately excited DC motors and permanent magnet DC motors. The company said,' Because of its ability to operate with AC current' As well as its ability to frequently pick up light and heavy loads, AC servo motors are more likely to become the first choice in the market. The company added that it is estimated that nearly 75% of the global market is occupied by AC servo motors and drivers. ' At the same time, synchronous AC motor will become the first choice for customers in other servo motor products. ' In the DC servo motor and driver market, these three market segments are expected to attract target customers in the market. Said. According to rated power: the company said that the market is subdivided into 400-750 W, 750 W-1kW 5-15 kW, 15-50 kW and 50-100 kW. The company said that during the forecast period, 750 W- 1kW servo motors and drivers in the market segment will remain in the market. 'First class share' However, this requirement may depend on the requirements and application of the end user. By region: The company divides the market into six regions- North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. The report said that the European market will' There has been significant growth in the global servo motor and driver market within the specified time. ' However, it is expected that the Asian region will continue during the forecast period. With a significant collective share'Growth. In North America, due to' The region will account for nearly 10% of the global servo motor and driver market. TAG servo motor driver, factory automation
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