Evolutionary history of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-12
The evolutionary history of stepping motors is now developing faster and faster. Stepping motors have become one of the most widely used motors. They used to be DC motors and AC motors, these are all one of the conversion devices to convert electric energy into kinetic energy. It can be said that they have been slowly integrated into people's lives and have played a pivotal role. However, with the continuous evolution of human society, entering this era of automation, then some functions of the traditional motor can no longer meet some requirements of various motion control systems such as factory enterprise automation and office automation, so in order to better meet these requirements, we will all develop a series of new motor systems that can have control functions, all of which have their own characteristics, and their applications are also very extensive, namely stepping motors. Therefore, the development of stepping motor is closely related to the development of computer industry, so stepping motor can completely replace small DC motor in our computer peripheral equipment, the function can improve the performance of the equipment, and quickly improve the development of stepping motors, as well as the development of microcomputers and this digital control technology, therefore, this can be used as an executive component of a numerical control system. The popularization and application of stepping motors can be completely applied to other fields, for example, electromechanical processing machine tools, low-power mechanical processing machine tools or measuring instruments, optical and medical instruments, packaging machinery, etc. For more questions about stepping motors, brushless motors, stepping drivers, brushless drivers, stepping motor drivers and brushless motor drivers, please visit the official website of Shenzhen dongmochuan servo control Technology Co. , Ltd for consultation. Related reading: How should the stepping driver and the stepping motor match, and the moment angle characteristics of the stepping motor TAG the evolutionary history of the stepping motor
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