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Escalator solution


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1. Introduction
Escalators are generally used in supermarkets, subways, stations, etc., and their applications are quite special. Unlike the elevators, no one is in a state of suspension. The escalator is in a state of no one or no one, so it is bound to cause waste of electric energy. And accelerate the wear of the machine, and seriously affect the life of the escalator and reduce safety.

V&T Inverter adopts high-performance speed sensorless vector control technology. According to the characteristics of the escalator, it develops the special integrated frequency conversion energy-saving control cabinet for the escalator, adopts advanced and detection means and control algorithm to optimize the operation of the motor. Control to achieve huge energy savings.

2. the electrical wiring diagram and inverter wiring diagram:

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3. The advantages of using V&T inverter to transform:

1) V&T Inverter adopts high-performance vector control, which makes the start-up smooth and shock-free, greatly improves the impact on the power grid, improves the power factor, and makes people stand on the more comfortable and safe;

2) V&T frequency converter is used to carry out the transformation of the escalator, and the speed regulation range is wide, and the power saving is quite obvious. Advanced algorithms and detection methods have been adopted to greatly improve the operation of the motor and have considerable energy saving space;

3) Adopting frequency conversion transformation can greatly reduce the wear of the machine, reduce the degree of maintenance, and extend the service life of the escalator;

4) Adopt frequency conversion transformation, the inverter starts to start smoothly, the starting current is small, the impact of the motor is greatly reduced, and the service life of the motor is greatly improved;

5) high reliability, the inverter has perfect protection functions, such as overcurrent overload and overvoltage protection functions;

6) If the feedback unit is selected, when the escalator is in the down state, the motor is in the power generation state, and the electric power can be fed back to the power grid;

7) The frequency conversion system can coexist with the original system. V&T integrated energy-saving control cabinet also has the switching function of the industrial frequency conversion, which is convenient for online switching with the original system;

8) The operation panel of the inverter has the function of parameter copying, which greatly reduces the workload of maintenance and debugging;

9) Compared with the saved energy and mechanical wear and maintenance costs, the equipment transformation cost can recover the investment of energy-saving transformation in a short period of time, with significant economic benefits and social benefits, greatly enhancing the brand and value of users.

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