Environmental protection promotes the future development potential of frequency converters in China (II)

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-19
During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China is in the stage of accelerating industrialization and urbanization. The problems of shortage of energy resources and fragile ecological environment will be further aggravated, in order to realize the binding targets such as the reduction of energy consumption per unit of GDP and the reduction of the total emission of major pollutants determined in the outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan, we must continuously improve the level of energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment and services in our country, providing solid industrial support for large-scale energy conservation and emission reduction and vigorously developing circular economy is an inevitable choice for China to change its development mode and adjust its economic structure. Looking back on the development of motor speed regulation, China's frequency converter has grown from scratch. From DC to AC; From V/F control to vector control; From dragging the fan, the amount of water to dragging the lathe 5 revolutions per minute; From the variable frequency control of the injection molding machine to the servo control, to the asynchronous servo control, the development is too fast. The development of domestic variable frequency speed regulation technology has experienced changes from scratch in 1990s S, small-scale mass production in the early 21st century and large-scale mass production in the 11th Five-Year Plan period. There are more than 300 inverter enterprises in China and about 5000 shops through sellers. The domestic production and sales volume in 2012 is about 300 yuan. Domestic low-voltage Inverter manufacturers account for about 28% and 30% of the market share. In the domestic market, a large number of outstanding enterprises with excellent technology and rapid development have risen rapidly, driving the fast progress of the inverter industry. Second, inverter technology has been developed. Including matching with motor, encoder, etc.
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