Energy saving policy for high voltage inverter with life

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-16
As China's economic growth to further expand consumption, investment will continue to increase. As a result, a lot of industry factory and integrated power application requires energy saving measures. Second, the Asian OEM of power control, process, and heavy industry market opportunities is expected to bring significant growth potential for the acquisition. High voltage inverter is the indispensable part of many large automation engineering. The converter can help to maximize use of assets and to manage the energy consumption. Energy saving policy gave rise to high market demand & other; Five-year & throughout; During China's environmental protection investment will reach 3. 1 trillion yuan, predicts 2015, the gross output value of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China will be up to 5. 3 trillion yuan, equivalent to 8% ~ 10% of GDP. High voltage frequency converter as the mainstay of energy conservation and emissions reduction and vanguard, there is a huge market demand in the future. On the high voltage inverter is very broad, including electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum and chemical industries, including electric power, metallurgy, cement and other industrial proportion is increased year by year. In 2011, oil and gas, mining, cement and petrochemical industry covers almost 50% of the domestic high voltage inverter market scale, the cement industry market size 12. 0. 1 billion yuan, is the largest market in four industry, accounting for 16% of the market. “ These industries are more energy intensive industries, energy conservation and emissions reduction tasks need to be addressed. Due to the high voltage inverter is affected by the economic cycle is lesser, greatly influenced by the national related policy. In our country & lsquo; Five-year & rsquo; Under the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction, high voltage inverter market opened the appreciation of the space. ” Said a high-frequency transformer manufacturers. According to introducing, at present the high voltage inverter in the blower, water pump, compressor, rolling mill and other equipment are in use, it can not only improve process and prolong the service life of equipment, improve the work efficiency, etc. , the most important is that it can & other; Saving energy and reducing consumption & throughout; 。 Foreign monopoly has been broken at present, the domestic low pressure transducer from manufacturers of around 200, from the perspective of the comparison of foreign brands and domestic brands, suppliers still is given priority to with foreign brand, occupy the market share of 80%. Compared to low and middle frequency converter market, domestic manufacturers of the high voltage inverter market is more heavier. In recent years, domestic brands of frequency converter manufacturers have a certain series products, digital control system is also gradually covered in the industry, the extension of industry chain and make the structure has a balanced development. With its, Hitachi, east of domestic high voltage inverter manufacturers such as kang inverter and the rise of foreign manufacturers of imported products monopoly market pattern has been broken. Schneider acquisition and improve, for example. Reed wolfers as domestic well-known high pressure high-power inverter enterprise, in the industry occupies a very large market share, sales comparable to international well-known brands. Schneider electric to the improve the acquisition will not only for its high pressure high-power inverter markets quickly, but also help the all products quickly occupied the Chinese current market share in the field of one of the most popular energy saving.
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