Energy saving and smart into inverter industry main development goals

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-15
Energy conservation and emissions reduction is & other; Five-year & throughout; Since, as the core value of the industrial economic development in our country, for the sustainable development of China's industrial direction at the same time, effective stimulating the sustainable development of industry of our country frequency converter, inverter industry in our country continue to expand the market share of the industry, and with a strong force of development has become an important basis of our country's industrial economic development. Inverter industry in our country, however, behind the rapid economic development, industry is uneven, the overall strength and scale uncompetitive, and many other potential disadvantages is also known as domestic inverter industry economic growth model of the killer. Nearly time for attaches great importance to environmental regulation, enough to see that country for the determination of environmental governance, but also to restrain enterprise focuses on economic development of enterprise scale, and also to low carbon environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction synchronous as the core values of enterprise long-term development and the premise. It also ensures the transducer and PLC and the power source of the electrical automation industry's sustainable long-term development. But, in the current domestic inverter behind industry and the rapid economic development, domestic market scale and strength uneven electrical automation industry as a whole, many enterprises scale, financial strength, technical strength and industry module undeveloped compared with foreign brands, to a great extent, become the inverter industry the biggest barrier to sustained economic growth mode. As domestic demand for the large frequency conversion device, the successful development of frequency conversion grade products, intelligent inverter development has become the urgent matter. Our fundamental performance of frequency conversion have not reached the corresponding level, the market has not to this extent. The good news is, we have already seen some frequency domestic enterprises has carried on the beneficial research and practice, on the one hand, the digestion of foreign advanced technology, on the one hand, try to launch its own frequency standard. So to strengthen the construction of new industrialization is very important. So-called new industrialization, it is not at the expense of resources and the environment at the expense of the industrialization process, and in the process of converter enterprises promote industry to do this, they must depend on the flow of technology leading the technical progress of science and technology, to maximize resources, energy efficiency, reduce the resource consumption situation; And development trend of frequency converter, more intelligent, saving and environmental protection, has reached to the particle configuration of resources, reduce unnecessary waste, in addition to carry out the strategy of green low carbon development, but also constraints, all enterprises in the process of industrialization and reduce waste, emissions of pollutants, the construction of resource saving and environment friendly enterprise, this is all inverter enterprises should do, also must do.
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