Energy saving and high voltage frequency converter for motor speed control device is widely used in industrial field of seven

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-03
High voltage frequency converter equipment investment, mainly used for energy saving and improvement of production process. Whether the user to buy such equipment great relation with the government's policy guidance. Such as government promotion is bigger, the market can quickly, and vice versa. On the other hand, the market also affected by domestic and international economic environment, and some industry of the country has a direct influence on the overall economic benefit. So in the process of market development in the future, there are still some uncertain factors. High voltage frequency converter for motor energy saving and speed regulating device is widely used in metallurgy, electricity, water, oil, chemical, coal, and other fields, the market analysis is as follows: 1, the metallurgy industry & ndash; — — The use of high voltage inverter in the metallurgy profession first plate and wire rod mill coiler, blower, slurry pump, such as primary intention for motor energy conservation. 2, power industry & ndash; — — Generating capacity in China in the international, after the United States. Electric power profession is one of the important using inverter product category. Associated with the inverter control process from coal-fired power plants in China, wind, coal, water, slag and exhaust system of transmission device is the use of appropriate frequency converter. Meanwhile, in addition to the coal system ( Row of powder machine, coal feeder) , the other four kinds of system is given priority to with fan pump type load. Inverter products leading to change of coal, powder amount, water, etc. , used to the change of the load, the end to save power, the progress control technology level of intention, energy saving, consumption reduction for coal-fired power plants, emission reduction, safety, safe operation is important. 3, water supply & ndash; — — Common engineering of water supply and drainage system, sewage treatment system, etc. These equipment is primary fan, water pump motor load, using the high voltage inverter energy-saving effect is very outstanding, often can complete power saving 30%. 4, oil and gas drilling & ndash; — — Since 2004, the oil and gas drilling career has always been in a high cycle, China's three lard exploration costs of enterprises adhere to more than 20% of the increase. In recent China oil and gas field shows a series of serious resource discovery, such as 1 billion tons of crude oil geological reserves of hebei jidong nanpu oilfield, the geological reserves of 500 billion cubic meters of longgang gas field in sichuan province, nearly 200 million tons of crude oil geological reserves 12 district of tahe oilfield in xinjiang, etc. , will further promote the oil and gas exploration, measure a few years in the future the lard companies for oil exploration and mining costs will also be improved. Transducers used in oil mining industry, the first is used for oil recovery machine ( KeTouJi) , injection pumps, submersible pumps, fuel pumps, gas compressor load types of motors, the primary intention for motor energy conservation. 5, the petrochemical industry & ndash; — — Petrochemical industry is the artery of national economic development. Frequency converter first used in oil processing ( Refining) In all kinds of pumps, compressors and sharing project, etc. , to get to conservation and manipulation of the technological level of intention. 6, building materials industry & ndash; — — Building materials industry is an important information industry in China, its products include building materials and products, and non-metallic mineral products, inorganic nonmetal materials three categories. Inverter product first applied to building materials industrial blower, crusher, belt conveyor, exhaust fan, such as rotary kiln equipment. According to correlative groups, about 70% of China's cement production capacity is skill levels lagging of shaft kiln, high energy consumption. Through frequency converter, electricity can be 10% to 20%, can progress together product quality control. According to Orient securities analysis, a few years high voltage inverter in the future market demand will insist on more than 40% growth, measure in 2012, the high voltage inverter in China market capacity of up to 8. 8 billion yuan, and save measure in the future ten years inverter capacity beyond 50 billion yuan. China high voltage inverter, and market potential of the high voltage inverter in China using the ratio of the current is less than 30%, the developed countries is 70%. After unit converter can reach even the role of power saving 30%, so the low carbon economy environment, high voltage inverter to speed up the application. China high voltage inverter sales amounted to 3. 4 billion yuan in 2008, four years in the future is expected to insist on more than 40% growth. If only the 30% of the energy saving renovation of existing and new motor's speed is about 0. 70000 sets of 700 million KW, market capacity, the market capacity in the future ten years beyond 70000, production beyond 50 billion yuan. 7, coal & ndash; — — China is the world's largest coal-producing countries. Coal based professional career as a power in our country has always been a labor-intensive companies, to make it to skill-intensive, walk the new industrialization path, it is necessary to vigorously promote high-tech skills, advance equipment running power and automation control level. Frequency control of motor speed skills used in the coal profession of mine hoist can have a good energy saving effect. The current inverter in developed countries have used for belt conveyor speed or belt conveyor starting control, fan control ( Contains the main ventilator and partial ventilator) As well as the pump speed. Electrical equipment in the converter for the devices in addition to progressive transmission function, more important is can save power. Can see from the above materials, high voltage inverter in the industry has a pivotal position, because of its great market space, thus have great potential for development.
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