Energy conservation and environmental protection to promote domestic inverter vigorous development

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
“ Five-year & throughout; , energy conservation and environmental protection as the core value of the industrial economic development in our country, vigorously promote the inverter industry of our country grows vigorously, become the important basis of the development of industrial economy in our country. Frequency converter speed control and has certain advantages in the field of energy saving. According to the calculation, the use of frequency converter motor system energy saving rate can reach 30% generally, some cases can reach 40% 60%. The current transducer is mainly used in electric power, metallurgy, cement, petrochemical and building materials industry, the future will still be mainly in the field of the large equipment modification. , high energy consumption of the electric power, metallurgy and other industries is the key of the industrial energy saving, and high voltage frequency conversion technology mature and stable, and energy saving effect obviously, equipment installation is simple, usually within two years after use by electricity saving recoverable costs, has the very high popularization value. Energy conservation and environmental protection for domestic converter to open the market in China, and frequency conversion technology is also from & other; Speed & throughout; To & other; Energy saving & throughout; The transformation process. From past simple at the same time, the frequency converter industry provide products begin to provide users with systematic solution, from high-end products imported into the domestic brand rapid rise and gradually open the international market. Inverter installation capacity at present our country the market growth rate at about 20%, approximately 120 billion - potential market space 180 billion yuan. Among them, the low voltage frequency converter accounted for about sixty percent of the market share, the remaining forty percent by the medium and high voltage frequency converter. Foreign brands is now around 70% inverter in China market. Local brand market share in expanding, however, has risen from 15% in 2005 to around 30% in 2012.
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