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Electric lifting machine- 2015-03-20


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1. System solutionsThe equipment of this system is electric hoist machinery, and the lifting part is used to lift the material up and down. The material is generally 6 tons. The frequency conversion equipment requires high frequency starting torque, no jitter, fast response speed, no mechanical failure during the discharging process, and the speed is stable.

This system hoisting equipment is equipped with V5-H speed control special frequency converter. It adopts V/F control mode and uses terminal to control the inverter to reverse rotation to achieve the production process of increasing mechanical rise and fall. Multi-section digital voltage is given by multiple segments. frequency. Terminal wiring is shown in the figure above. Adding a braking resistor can achieve a better lifting function.

During the debugging process, our products have stable output when the 1HZ low speed is raised, the torque is large, no jitter, and the debugging effect is very good. Reflecting our products can meet customer needs in low frequency output.

2. System wiring diagram

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3. Debugging comparisonIn the case of 1HZ, our products can upgrade and reduce 6 tons of heavy objects well, and the output is stable, and the low-frequency torque is large. When some other brands use vector control low frequency, 3HZ can run! In the crane we have a very good effect in the V / F control mode!

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