Electric cabinet how to choose

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-11
Electric cabinet how to choose electric cabinets used in industrial and mining enterprises, the common distribution, public places and life use, because the power distribution ark volume is relatively small, can be divided into surface mounted and blackout, dark generally installed to prevent in the wall, so seldom see dark box, daily life with the general placed within the transformer room and see more at enterprise workshop and workshop. Electric cabinet is divided into primary secondary level 3 distribution cabinets, power distribution cabinet is suitable for the medium enterprises used as power supply system, because of the power distribution cabinet level is different, so each level has a different application in the power supply system. Electric cabinet how to choose 1. Level of electrical cabinet: it is installed in the electric control system, therefore be installed in the station of substation equipment, responsible for power transformation to secondary distribution cabinet, so the function requirements of power distribution ark is higher than the requirements of the secondary, tertiary, structure is more complex. 2. Secondary electric cabinet is access level distribution of electrical energy, converts electrical energy into low voltage, and load distribution to nearby equipment, power distribution cabinet is divided into the control center and electric power equipment application center. 3. Level 3 electric cabinet, because the tertiary distribution arrangement is relatively simple, which has been widely applied, volume is small, generally lower ranks as control power load equipment.
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