Eight development directions of high voltage inverter in China

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-23
High-voltage frequency converters are generally used in low-power high-voltage motors for frequency conversion and energy saving, with low- The high-mode high-voltage Inverter is controlled by a low-voltage inverter and directly uses a step-up transformer to raise the voltage to the operating voltage of the motor. In the future, high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation technology will be developed in the following eight aspects, mainly as follows: 1. High voltage inverter will develop towards high power, miniaturization and lightness. 2. The high voltage inverter will be directed to the direct device high voltage and multiple superposition (Device series and unit series)Development in two directions. 3. New power semiconductor devices with higher voltage and larger current will be applied to high voltage inverters. 4. At this stage, IGBT, IGCT and SGCT will still play a major role, and SCR and GTO will withdraw from the inverter market. 5. The application of speed sensorless vector control, flux control and direct torque control will become mature. 6. Fully realize digitalization and automation: parameter self-setting technology; Process Self-optimization technology; Fault self-diagnosis technology. 7. 32-bit MCU, DSP, ASIC and other devices are applied to realize high precision and multifunction of frequency converter. 8. Relevant Supporting industries are developing towards specialization and scale, and the social division of labor will be more obvious. The following application cases of Senlan SBH series high-voltage Inverter show the eight development directions of high-voltage Inverter in a very comprehensive way. 12 Next Page>
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