Domestic soft starter market demand will remain high speed growth

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-23
Power system is to point to by power generation, substation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric power supply and consumption system, its function is through the power generation power plant will be primary energy into electrical energy, then through transmission system and distribution system to supply to the load center, to the final distribution of all kinds of power users. Look from the equipment system, power system generally includes primary equipment and secondary equipment. Among them, a device for direct electricity production, transmission and distribution, including generators, power transformer, etc. Secondary device is a device for controlling and regulating, protection and monitoring equipment, including measuring instrument, relay, switch operation, etc. Motor control product is mainly used for soft start, soft stop, motor protection and other fields, motor energy-saving products are mainly used for power factor compensation on-spot, frequency control of motor speed operation, etc. Among them, soft starter, motor saver with inverter is the main motor control and energy saving equipment. Soft starter manufacturing and market in China in recent years have maintained a sound momentum of development. From the supply, according to the China market research center statistics, in 2008 the domestic soft starter production value of 1. 1 billion yuan. According to power electronics branch of China electrical equipment industry association of 34 manufacturer's incomplete statistics, soft starter production for 5085 units in 2010, the domestic sales of 4308 units, the proportion of 84. 7%. From the demand - 2007 In 2010, soft starter the size of the market in China from 11. 7. 8 billion yuan up to 16. 700 million yuan, grew by an average of 12. 34%. Among them, the low-voltage soft starter market on average 54%, but the proportion of declining trend year by year; High voltage soft starter in the market on average 46%, and the proportion of increase year by year. Overall, the current domestic market foreign capital enterprise fewer soft starter, but high market share; Number of Chinese enterprises, but the market share is low, and the domestic enterprise scale, product and technology between the difference is bigger. In recent years, the domestic market, low voltage soft starter, Renault and schneider ABB three companies located in the top of the column, the combined market share of around 50%; In high voltage soft starter in the market, and vigorously and somalia peace among the big three, a combined market share of more than half. At present, the domestic a-share market involved in motor control and energy saving equipment manufacturing companies, including: zhongke electric, jiuzhou electric, the British witten, etc. The current industry development with more favorable factors, including: accelerated the construction of power grid investment will provide sustainable development for the industry; Energy conservation and emissions reduction strategy implementation will be to create a broad space for the industry growth; Major downstream industries of cement, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, mining, electricity and paper seven key industries such as the development trend of good and the industry of electric power system energy saving application space is huge. In terms of market in the future, the soft starter, motor will share industry growth space saver and converter, soft starter market demand will continue to high growth in the future. Although motor saver and converter also has the function of the soft starter, but cannot completely replace the soft starter. Because the vast majority of industrial occasions motor running does not need or cannot run speed, without control condition using frequency converter not only power saving more power consumption, especially in high voltage high power motor applications, the inverter itself also cannot be ignored, power consumption and price of 3 to 5 times the soft starter, so in energy saving, market demand and price consideration, saver, soft starter, motor and frequency converter will not substitute each other, but to share the industry growth space.
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