Domestic inverter is the 'crisis' or 'transit'

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-24
Frequency converter as an important equipment of frequency control of motor speed, by virtue of the advantage and energy saving and energy conservation and emission reduction policies in China, has begun to share energy-saving not feast. In communications, transportation, transportation, electricity, electronics and other fields have an unprecedented development and application of almost all walks of life of national economy is closely connected with the inverter. But according to the market, according to the frequency converter market share in China in 2012, Siemens, schneider electric, ABB, eastern Hitachi and other foreign brand occupies more than two-thirds. At present, the domestic market high-grade, large frequency converter device demand or to Japan, Europe and the United States, the foreign brands such as reserved for domestic inverter living space and time little growth. Is a crisis or a transfer? In fact, the domestic inverter market expansion, the rise of the catalyst has become a domestic inverter enterprises. The British witten, can easily, and amb, intellectual light electrical domestic inverter manufacturers, such as with price advantage, began to occupy more market share. And kang inverter rely on constant development, can in the containment of foreign brand grab 13% of the market, but also is not easy. There is no denying the fact that domestic inverter enterprises seeking breakthrough in the invasion of foreign brand on one hand, on the other hand, to face the reality of expanding market demand, market competition will be intensified, enterprise development has entered the stage of reform. Lenovo chairman liu chuanzhi had a summary of enterprise reform and development, small environment transformation, you can try to transform small environment, small environment also not, you will have a good to adapt to the environment, watched for an opportunity to transform, the frequency converter is relatively favorable policy environment, and energy conservation, environmental protection, wisdom, factories, such as robots have begun. Domestic inverter need to seize the opportunity, at all costs, to overcome technical challenges, to compete with foreign in the field of high-end. Crisis or change, the market has its own word, the majority of domestic inverter road of the development of the company is going through the industry reshuffle, how to become a & other; The bestselling & throughout; The frequency converter, is not only the attention of the industry, but also the way of business prosperity.
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