Domestic inverter development bottleneck is another matter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-24
With domestic manufacturing process of automation, the inverter will be increasingly fierce industry competition, domestic inverter was no small impact, on the premise of technology lags behind developed countries abroad, domestic enterprises urgently need to seek new FaZhanDian. FaZhanDian inverter industry in the domestic market as the market is very tempting, potential capacity is very considerable, constantly attracting new players to enter the industry, and the current market has formed a certain scale, the development of increasingly mature, the future of resource plundering, market fight will be inevitable. With technical progress, the stability of product quality gradually increased, and the service and price advantage, the competitiveness of domestic manufacturer will be more and more powerful. Policy direction of FaZhanDian & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning is put forward to upgrade manufacturing industry, the development of advanced equipment, promote the manufacturing industry become stronger by guiding the direction of future development. Frequency conversion technology because of its excellent performance will be further promotion in the field of industrial control and precision control. Especially manufacturing widely used low voltage frequency conversion technology, the future development of closely related to automation and equipment upgrades. FaZhanDian demand direction from the demand side, the inverter is gradually towards diversification, the emergence of universal and special products, is in order to meet the diverse needs of users. In addition, frequency converter manufacturers also pay more attention to product quality and the use of safe, actively seeking greater breakthrough, makes the inverter in the harsh environment also can work safety. FaZhanDian in addition to the above three aspects, the development direction of energy saving is one big hot, frequency conversion technology is also is in the midst of a transformation process from speed to energy conservation. At present, the domestic inverter industry is from the past simply provide products begin to provide users with systematic solution, from high-end products imported into the domestic brand rapid rise and gradually open the international market, in the near future, China's rise of inverter industry will comply.
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