Domestic inverter brand rise rapidly replace foreign brand

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-19
In large-scale distributed renewable energy generation, the inverter in the power electronic technology and information communication technology in double plays an important role. By frequency converter, residential owners and public utility operators, then distributed and centralized renewable energy system can be realized all the good sex. Inverter industry began to meet the technical innovation is the the change of times, it is also a period of chaos. Overall, though - in 2008 In 2009 the global economy under the influence of the financial crisis continued to slump, but still maintain rapid economic growth in China, our inverter enterprises affected is not big, a series of economic revitalization planning in our country, and strongly advocated in the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, domestic market demand, the inverter industry fast steady development. The global renewable energy market in transducer for the size of the $7. 2 billion in 2011. To predict the next five years will double the size, will exceed $19 billion by 2017. Frequency control technology used in the coal industry is early mine hoist, the frequency converter widely used in developed countries have speed or belt conveyor belt conveyor starting and pump speed control, fan control. In the above equipment adopts frequency converter in addition to improve the transmission performance, more major is can save the energy. Electric power industry of energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption situation is more serious. Due to the frequency converter can efficiently save power in many industries, improve the technological level, therefore, to some extent, promoted inverter output indexes of the electric power industry application in various industries can help to reduce the pressure, save power and reduce emissions, reduce energy consumption. “ On the other hand, the power industry is also one of the important application field of the inverter. From coal-fired power plants in China related to the frequency converter control process, wind, coal, water, slag and transmission device of tail gas system is fit for the application of medium and low voltage inverter. ” Beijing inverter vendors of the technology said. With the development of domestic brands, domestic inverter enterprise's market share is gradually expanding, especially accelerated instead of foreign brands of trend in recent years. At present, due to constraints such as technology and capital strength, lead to the development of local enterprises & other Piaffe & throughout; 。 According to industry experts predict that the current Chinese market inverter installation capacity ( Power) The growth rate of real around 20% and is expected to at least 10 years later, the inverter to saturated market and gradually mature. The size of the market growth in low voltage electrical equipment in the converter 10% ~ 15%, but in 2011 the growth of the high voltage frequency converter for the first time, to accelerate the development of reached 30%, is expected to market scale is close to 20 billion yuan. Since the 21st century, China's inverter market growth rate as high as 20%, far more than the same period GDP growth, and market expansion and diversification of client demand, prompting the inverter continuously improve product functionality, market integration and systematization degree is higher and higher, more convenient operation, which is suitable for some special industries and special inverter products. In recent years, China's inverter market has remained the growth rate of 12% ~ 15%, is expected in the next five years at least, the inverter market demand will continue to maintain the growth rate of more than 10%. In a decade later, frequency converter can market gradually saturated. Of course, with the progress of user requirements and the diversification, the function of the frequency converter products is continuing to improve and increase, integration and systematization degree is becoming more and more high, and there have been some areas dedicated energy-saving frequency converter products. The principle of the frequency converter is: the frequency converter makes the motor and drag load in the case of without any changes in output speed can be changed according to the requirements of production process, reduce the motor power consumption, a huge unique advantages in the field of energy conservation and emissions reduction, achieve the goal of the system run efficiently. Looked from the overall, at present our country inverter industry increasingly fierce competition. As the market is extremely attractive, not only the market has formed a certain scale, the potential capacity is also very handsome, and constantly attract new participants, the development of inverter technology, make the inverter in the electric power, cement, elevator, mining, metallurgy, transportation, and other areas of the modern get unprecedented popularization and application, believe that will be more and more widely applied frequency converter, the market prospects look good. Inverter enterprises should through & other Five-year & throughout; Energy conservation and emissions reduction, better set up the concept of energy saving. Energy-saving performance of the product more on a step, for the inverter is very beneficial to the future development of enterprises.
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