Domestic inverter becomes a reliable choice-V & T

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-12
In competition with foreign inverter manufacturers, how to make domestic brands have 'reliable performance', 'reliable quality', 'reliable management' and 'reliable culture' is the common need of all domestic inverter manufacturers problems and challenges. With the emergence and development of intelligent power modules, domestic inverters also usher in opportunities for great development, using intelligent power modules, domestic inverter manufacturers can produce mature products as long as they control some circuits and main power supply circuits and housings. Domestic inverters have entered a stage of rapid development. Today, domestic inverters are everywhere, with its reliable stability, it is widely used in all walks of life. As a representative of domestic inverter manufacturers, the inverter can already provide energy-saving products for energy development and power industry systems to help upgrade the industry; Provide a stable and comfortable experience for the municipal construction of modern cities, elevator handrails and central air conditioners, as well as reliable equipment guarantee for the rapid circulation of ports; It provides key components of driving motor system for new energy vehicles; Provide products and solutions for reducing energy consumption in central heating system; Improve production efficiency for chemical, textile and equipment manufacturing enterprises, provide automated integrated products, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises; Based on the needs of industry users, provide frequency converters, soft starters, servo drive systems, motor environmental protection thermostat, etc. In the competition with foreign inverter manufacturers, the advantages of domestic inverter manufacturers in addition to price, there are personalized services. Many domestic inverter manufacturers have won an increasingly broad market through the deep cultivation of the industry and the provision of diverse and personalized services. Domestic brands have been growing in the market share of the original medium and low voltage frequency converters and have now expanded to about 40%. In the future, with the emergence of domestic IGBT dawn, I believe that domestic inverter manufacturers will eventually usher in a real counterattack moment! And V & T believes that 'building a century-old brand of real domestic inverter manufacturers requires our joint efforts!
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