Domestic first set of variable frequency pump station in east coal group, shenhua god put into use

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-23
On October 10, by carma pump industry co. , LTD. , production of the domestic first set of variable frequency pump station, in east bay coal mine 12106 coal group shenhua god seven meters large mining height are broken installation of fully mechanized working face, and successfully put into use. Structure of the pumping stations for five plunger pump and spray pump rated flow 1039 l/min, equipped with a motor power is 315 kw, the output pressure of 143 bar. Emulsion pump rated flow 641 l/min, equipped with motor power is 500 kw, the output pressure of 375 bar. All the data of the pumping station can be caused by a standard optical fiber transmission to the control center, automation remote control. Pump stations driven part adopt variable frequency soft start technology, by adjusting the frequency conversion motor speed control system of the pressure, to ensure smooth operation. The mine fully mechanized team ShangXueJun introduced this pump is to start the first flat, pressure and flow rate, supply is very stable, brought great benefits to face indiana, the impact on the line is very small, in addition the pump reduced a large amount of maintenance, but also save the material. It is understood that a whole set of pump station will be mainly used for underground water and dust of fully mechanized working face coal face support needed for the supply of emulsion. Pumping station of advanced technical indicators, making the stents emulsion concentration of supply more accurate, more stable pressure. Due to the improvement of efficiency, reduced the number of the installation of the pump, the corresponding reduced pipe and cable installation and maintenance, make the whole more intelligent, automation of fully mechanized working face.
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