Domestic demand for the inverter will detonate market space of 180 billion yuan

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-08
Recently, change especially electrician hengyang transformer co. , LTD. 18 new products through national identification. Through the national identification of new products, there are three products reached the international advanced level. With domestic high voltage inverter manufacturers pay attention to and increase investment in r&d, breakthrough technology bottlenecks, domestic brands are gradually replace the imported products. Domestic inverter gradually replace the imported this three products are: high voltage level, capacity of the largest the world's first single phase high voltage shunt reactor BKD - double column type 240兆乏/ 1100 kv; Products of domestic transformer manufacturers, the capacity of the largest and highest voltage level of transformer OSFPS - assembly at the scene JT - 1000 mva / 500 kv; The capacity of the world's largest combined generator transformer SSP - H - 860MVA / 500kV。 In fact, change especially electrician hengyang transformer co. , LTD. Of these three products is just a microcosm of the rise of China's domestic inverter. As early as in 2011, kang extension frequency positive downstream industry, taking a stake in guodian south from the new energy, in collaboration with the jin coal group, acquired 70% north variable, a new Beijing kang hundred million sheng electric to occupy the market, optimizing the structure of supply chain, reduce product cost. At the same time, expand the application base, establish rules and start the standardization of mold production methods improve the efficiency of inventory, using the technology threshold scale effect and scale threshold extrusion manufacturer market space. Into the low pressure area, for close, frequency conversion, the opportunity is greater than the risk, is expected in the next three years, kang frequency conversion in low pressure and explosion-proof inverter sales will be continued rapid growth. In 2013, held in April & other; Throughout the Chinese automation industry annual meeting &; Upward, orchid inverter again topped & other; Throughout the first brand of Chinese domestic inverter &; 。 This is a LAN seventh win the award. As one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in the study of frequency conversion technology, orchid constantly, lead the market and industry development. In 2012, launched the third generation of SBH series high voltage inverter, high-end market and large engineering projects in the domestic made substantial breakthroughs, and gradually establish and improve the all over the country and Asia, Europe and America marketing service network, to expand the international market. A power plant and kang inverter company supervisors Chen Qiuquan denitration, according to a report in 2012 inverter market share in China, Siemens, schneider electric, ABB, Oriental Hitachi and other foreign brand occupies more than two-thirds. No matter in such aspects as technology, processing and manufacturing, industrial design, or in terms of financial strength, domestic inverter brand has a gap with foreign brands, especially compared with Siemens, ABB, two big gap is more obvious. Currently, foreign brands in the domestic market share low voltage frequency converter and basic quite, 2007, remained at about 76%, at the same time since 2008, our country increase infrastructure investment ( Europe and the United States leading brand in the advantages of traditional field) Factors, such as top ten foreign companies improve industry concentration, especially the industry leading brand share further. The next page 12 >
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