Domestic core components into the outbreak of eve will break the monopoly of foreign brands in key areas

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-07
In the policy, demand, under the influence of a series of factors such as market validation, on the eve of the domestic core parts are moving in the outbreak. Both the trust of the reducer ice, and the steady development of the servo motor, or is the controller into the high-end market, show that China in reducer, servo motor, controller and other key components subject to foreign companies for a long time is slowly changing. Domestic manufacturers have to conquer the core part of the problem in the field of spare parts, are steadily promote parts localization, this will reduce the cost of domestic robots, improve domestic robot accounted for in the new power, and, more importantly, it will break the monopoly of foreign brands in key areas. Reducer: trust ice localization alternative to accelerate this year, thanks to the global shortage of reducer market situation, domestic reducer enterprise welcomed rare opportunities of development out order message. On March 13, Shanghai joys yan automation to nantong vibration kang purchasing 1. 50000 reducer and held a grand signing ceremony. On June 13, poly long drive announcement said its holdings subsidiary anhui poly long robot reducer co. , LTD. , recently signed with the PE 'ER20 - C10 lung reducer procurement contract. Said that there are many domestic robot ontology enterprises in some domestic reducer can realize application field, or are willing to use domestic brands. In fact, in 2017, domestic main reducer manufacturers sales increase obviously, almost doubled. Nantong vibration reducer shipments from last year's growth of about 120%; Suzhou green reducer shipments rose nearly 100%; As the domestic backbone of reducer, rick precision RV reducer shipments more than 5000 units this year, the existing 30000 sets of equipment production capacity. In the sales promotion at the same time, domestic slowdown, companies also in to prepare. Qinchuan machine tool's 'digital workshop' robot joint reducer has been delivered in early 2017, the new production line effectively help the traditional reducer products intelligent upgrade, expects to produce 60000 pieces. Double loop transmission has been carried out to raise money project, of which 300 million yuan to the RV reducer industrial robot project has been completed on the market mainstream of two series of 14 types of robot precision reducer to finalize the design selection, and gradually completed test in small batch manufacturing. Planning to build completely reaches producing 3 years later, annual output of 60000 sets of RV reducer business. According to GGII research, based on market demand and their own costs, many manufacturers have cut into the field of speed reducer, which also contains the main enterprise. It is reported that guangzhou qi sail precision transmission departments have been established, to their own research and development production back lash 3 times more than laser cutting line of the planet, harmonic and RV reducer. It is reported that 90% of rev sail on robots are using independent research and development of reducer. In addition, there have been many robots on enterprises began to enter the field of reducer, like sichuan, huasheng and joys yan automation, etc. Servo motor, steady development of specialty degree increasing domestic servo motor in the market, the top three panasonic, mitsubishi, yaskawa are Japanese brand, the total share of 45%, Siemens, Bosch, schneider and other European brands mainly occupy the high-end market, the market share of around 30%, domestic enterprises overall share less than 10%. But with an increase in the number of native and Taiwan brand market participants to the constant expansion of the size of the market, domestic enterprises in the industrial robot servo system of the market share gradually increase. Continuation of the previous two years, homebred brand servo motor in this year also achieved steady development, form a complete set of servo motor of autonomous ability has, won the market recognition. Many domestic products with technical department close, inovance technology, have sprung up, ace, guangzhou CNC, the British witten and so on more than 20 large-scale brand servo motor. Benefited from the change of market environment, the domestic equipment manufacturers began to take the initiative to upgrade, so the high performance and price and moderate servo products demand is bigger. In its annual report in 2017 and a half years inovance technology, inovance technology achieve revenue during the first half of the 19th. 3. 7 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 32. 24%, the realization of female net 4. 2. 9 billion yuan, increased 10. 31%. Among them, the sales income 3 general servo system. 400 million yuan, up 120% year on year, is one of the largest business sector growth. For the first half of the British witten revenues than the same period last year increased by 3. Servo revenue of 200 million yuan, including zero. 7. 3 billion yuan, up 50% from a year earlier. The next page 12 >
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