Differences between Siemens S120, G130 and G150 inverters

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-19
SINAMICS is Siemens's latest generation of Inverter Products, divided into G (Ordinary type)And S (High performance type)Two families. Micromaster, Masterdrive and other inverters will eventually be unified into SINAMICS series products. SINAMICS series is a new generation of inverter, divided into S series and G series, of which: S series is equivalent to the upgrade of MasterDriver engineering inverter 6se7 series. In fact, it already covers various driving ranges (Including servo positioning). G series is equivalent to MICROMASTER standard (Universal MM series)Upgrade of inverter series. SINAMICSG120 series: This series adopts the design of separating control unit and power module, with the maximum power reaching 250KW, and will replace MM4 series in the future. SINAMICSG130 series: the maximum power is 800KW, and the design of separating the control unit from the power module is also adopted. The control unit adopts the same CU320-as the S120 series-2. Mainly used in large stand-alone drive equipment. G150 is supplied in the form of a cabinet. It is a frequency conversion cabinet made of G130 frequency converter. SINAMICSS120: it is a high-performance inverter replacing 6SE70, supporting single-axis and multi-axis applications, and the control unit CU320- 2 can do both servo control and speed control.
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