Differences between comparison and stepping systems

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-07
Comparing the differences between the stepping system and the stepping system, first, the operation performance the control of the stepping motor is open loop control, and the starting frequency is too high or the load is too large, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of losing step or blocking rotation, when stopping, the rotating speed is too high and overshoot is easy to occur, so in order to ensure its control accuracy, the problems of speed increase and decrease should be handled well. The AC stepping drive system is a closed-loop control, the driver can directly sample the feedback signal of the motor encoder, and the position loop and the speed loop are formed inside. Generally, the stepping motor will not lose step or overshoot, the control performance is more reliable. Stepping stepper motor, 2. Speed response performance stepping motor accelerates from rest to working speed (Generally hundreds of revolutions per minute)Need 200 ~ 400 milliseconds. The acceleration performance of AC stepping system is better. Taking Panasonic MSMA 400 w ac stepping motor as an example, it takes only a few milliseconds to accelerate from rest to its rated speed of 3000 RPM, can be used in control occasions requiring quick start and stop. To sum up, ac stepping system is superior to stepping motor in many aspects of performance. However, in some occasions with low requirements, stepping motors are often used as executive motors. Therefore, in the design process of the control system, various factors such as control requirements and cost should be comprehensively considered, and appropriate control motors should be selected. For more details, please visit: for more knowledge of linear stepping motor parameters, please consult Shenzhen ruite Electromechanical Equipment Co. , Ltd. Main products: stepping Motor, linear stepping motor, stepping servo stepping driver, stepping motor driver, integrated stepping brake stepping motor, waterproof stepping motor, brushless motor, servo motor and other types of stepping motors, welcome to inquire. TAG stepping system
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